Which do you prefer? 3rd Strike or Garou: MOTW?

I have to credit both games for getting me into fighters. I get the feeling that there is going to be an overwhelming majority that prefer 3rd Strike, and that’s okay. I think the comments as to why you prefer this game or that game will still be interesting.

As far as graphics, music, and overall presentation. I think both games are of the same level. They both feature highly detailed sprite work. It’s just a matter of personal taste. Though, I think Garou succeeds at having a better story, and each character has a clear back story and strong interactions with other characters that build on that story. The story in 3rd Strike was all ready told in Next Generation and 2nd impact; 3rd Strike just assumes that you know the story and proceeds right along. That said, both games feature very distinct characters whose personalities come alive the moment you see them.

Gameplay: 3rd Strike wins. Without question. Garou has great gameplay too, but to be honest the Just Defend system is a newb-friendly parry system. Guard Cancelling is fine. What I don’t like about Garou is the wakeup game being pretty shallow in comparison to 3rd strike, and that a large variety of pokes can interrupt nearly all special moves. Plus the block strings of Jenet, Kevin, and Terry taking away from strategy. 3rd Strike is more about player skill (except maybe Chung Li, but this debatable) and has an overall teaching of the fundamentals of fighters. The mind game alone is intense, leading to some spectacular battles spectators can easily get into and get overwhelmed by amazing victories and epic losses.

3rd Strike is my favorite fighter, with Garou being a very close second.

Another versus thread, Alexander? :coffee:

Alexander… why do you keep doing this? WHY? WHY? Because you are a troll?


I remember this kid got mad on me on GGPO because I beat his ass with Grant, lol.

Hey GenesisDC I ain’t seen you in jojos for a while how come??

bad thread BTW

Hey GenesisDC I ain’t seen you in jojos for a while how come??

bad thread BTW

@ all Trolls: Hey guess what? If you bitch in a thread you don’t like, it keeps going!!** MONUMENTAL DISCOVERY!!**

Answer to thread: 3s. I can’t play Garou as well quite frankly. I may like Garou better w/ some practice.

Judging by the fact that he hasn’t replied, he may have just thoughtlessly done it and might not be a troll…but may just be an overly-enthusiastic newb.

That’s only a slim possibility, though.

Computer problems. My laptop can’t run Jojos on GGPO without overheating and lagging after like 2 matches. At the other house I usually play Jojos on, I can’t even sign in for some reason. Keeps saying “unable to connect to ggpo.net” and nobody knows how to fix my problem. I’ve tried just about everything. Been having this problem for about 4 months now.

And to spudlyff8fan, really he’s a scrub unwilling to learn something unless it comes out of a pro’s mouth. He seriously wouldn’t take any Garou advice from anyone unless Nocturnal or Giby said something. He also claims he’s better than Dark Geese at Garou yet he can’t best my Grant (who isn’t great admittedly) and screams that he should be banned when I do my corner juggles on him (lol) then comes here bitching about how I “bully” him. So yeah, I’ve had experience with this kid.

3s because SNK sucks ololololololololololol


because Garou doesnt have Q

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Did you just answer yourself? :rofl:
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3S by default - I have never seen or played the other one.

both good, i like 3rd strike more.