Which do you try first in USF4, frame traps, tick throws or crossups?


Which do you believe is the best option to try first after a blockstring before you know anything about your opponent, frame traps, tick throws or crossups?


there isn’t a right answer.if you always do the same option first you opponent will pick up on your pattern. Keep it random since this part of the game is a game of Rock scissor paper.


I said before you know anything about your opponent, which implies they wouldn’t know anything about you either. I’m basically trying to get an idea of what people think is the most reliable option to use first against opponents who don’t know anything about your play style.


do nothing


Your answer should depend on the matchup in question and the situation at hand.


There’s no right answer, but you should try to break down your options per matchup (and situation):

Frame trap (with sufficient delay):

  • Scores pushback
  • Scores meter
  • Big damage potential
  • Can get reversaled
  • Can get abare’d

Tick throw:

  • Scores pushback (on a teched throw, the opponent moves back as far as their normal backdash)
  • Average damage/setup potential
  • Beats abare
    +/- Resets the situation
  • Can get reversaled


  • Allows for continued pressure
  • Can be anti-aired by skilled players
  • Have to guess between reversal/or continuing pressure on loose cross-ups vs mashable reversals
  • Loses position if you have more than 50% of the screen behind you


I have to keep it to crossups since online street fighter = shoryuken simulator apparently you try to frame trap you gonna get shoryuken’d you try to tick throw you gonna get shoryuken’d so i crossup or do a lp lp lp and then nothing maybe they will shoryuken after the LPs


No right answer, though it is generally a good idea to establish a throw game first before going for frametraps. Early on you can take more risks with throws because even if they reversal without meter it isn’t alot of damage.
Safest approach is doing a safe chain on block andf then back of slightly and walkforward again. You can see if they mash crouch tech, stand throws, reversals or nothing.
-Crouch tech you’ll do frametraps on.
-Stand throws you use lows and walk back again out of their throw range and punish or walk back in again for your own throw.
-If they do nothing, just throw, overhead etc

You also really have to pay attention to their lifebar and your own, do they need a big comback? Do you need to take the risk? Also how much meter do they have, can they convert into big damage, can they make an atack “safe”, again do you need to take the risk?

Crossups midscreen, i’ll attempt, usually fine against dp’s, in the corner i’ll try to stick in front unless i have a really good setup.

Unfortunately because i play alot of endless i sometimes forget that the opponent isn’t familiar with my playstyle so going for throws and frametraps will get me hit by reversals.



If you don’t know who your fighting, you attempt your first block string…and do nothing. Best option. Take crossup off your list. It’s a bad habit after a block string, not an option. It seems good cuz it lets you keep your pressure up, but you need to learn how to do that on the ground, because good players will just jump back fierce you for it.


The answer is cross up/fake cross up.

Always disrespect your opponent if you don’t know them and they haven’t proven that you should respect them. If you play someone you’ve never met, you will be able to tell if they have sufficient skill to defend a re-jump from the first few seconds of the match. If you somehow got in from a jump, there’s no reason not to do it again, yet… After that you’d want to go for tick throws which lets you see if they are free to throws. If they are free to throws, throw em to death. Finally, if they tech throws, you want to perform your crouch tech blow ups (frame traps)… If you get dp’d on your rejump, before you go for a tick throw or frame trap, go ahead and try to bait out a dp first.

This alone should allow you to evaluate you opponent. You shouldn’t lose the match from these tests since it’s the first round and almost no meter is available. A lot of really good players take the loss on the first round to download you, it not a bad strategy, but requires the ability to adjust to your opponent’s level immediately…

good luck…