Which dp to fadc?



yo a simple one that quickly crossed my mind.

After losing the ability to cancel the hp, i switched to mp. But i thought to myself today, whether i’ve been missing out on lp all this time?

are there advantages disadvantages? if you know you’re going for the fadc will you always use mp? I’m not sure on the hitboxes/hurtboxes/invincibility or lift to give more time for ultras…is the invincibility on either make it worthless to cancel the ex?
i know not the answers to these questions :stuck_out_tongue:


lp dp do more damage so it should be preferred when youre in range.

I use lp dp in those situations:

-Sps, c.hp, (lp) dp, fadc ultra
-c.hp,(lp) dp, fadc, ultra for punishing a whiff move or on block
-c.mp, c.hp, (lp) dp, fadc, ultra for punish

a jump in that you know will connect: jhk,c.hp, (lp) dp, fadc, ultra
If i make a safe jump starting with j.hk, c.lp I am usually in range to confirm with c.hp, (lp) dp, fadc, ultra

I use mp dp in those situations:

-after a cross up j.mk, c.lp I will confirm with c.hp, (mp) dp, fadc, ultra
-after a block string c.lk, c.lp I will confirm with c.hp, (mp) dp, fadc, ultra ( replace c.hp with c.mp for some character)

I also use (mp) dp for a pure srk, fadc ultra frame trap or for anti-airing

This is how I use it, others may have other take on this


so you’re saying lp is better for damage, but worse for invincibility? so better as a combo ender than mp which is for frametraps and reversals…?
This may not be an ideal snapshot, but it seems that mp has no hurtbox at startup, whereas has less reach (http://www.eventhubs.com/images/2011/sep/30/ryus-hit-box-information-super-street-fighter-4-arcade-edition-image-2/) so mp dp is more likely to whiff if the spacing isn’t correct. (dp baits etc)
This makes me think that the lp may be better for all options except anti-air, as the hit box pretty much covers the hurtbox on the lp ground game. (ex has lp range with full invincibility, once again full frame by frame hitboxes may reveal more info)


against a jumping character the MP srk offcourse but against a close standing always LP srk since it deals 100dmg


LP DP is the most damage for an FADC,but it has 2 frames of invincibility so using it outside of a guaranteed hit is not the best idea.If you are trying to DP through a string,frame trapping with DP,or anti-airing with DP FADC ultra,you want MP DP,as it has 5 frames invincibility.


although when I have ultra I like using light shoryu for frame trap, on trade I get free ultra too lol