Which ebay cheap parts dealers are trustable?

any one can give me a list of decent cheap sellers for sanwa and seimitsu parts on ebay?
online stores are simply too expensive when chinese always have 0 shipping fee.

I have seen tons of 99%ters and 100%ters with over 1000 feedbacks selling “genuine sanwa parts”, but I checked their scores and none of the buyers mentioned whether the parts are genuine or not.

I hope some of you did try ebay and can give me some references.

More than likely, they’re knockoffs.

none of them

Don’t trust them… support American Businesses and fellow enthusiasts. Buy from ParadiseArcadeShop.com

I bought parts from live valley. If they’re knockoffs, they fooled me. The real stuff is generally priced about on par with focus attack, the savings is on shipping, which obviously takes longer than a domestic seller. The stuff that’s significantly cheaper should raise a red flag.

Avoid ANY eBay for arcade parts unless you know that exact eBay seller very well. Only buy domestically, have it in writing that the parts are 100% authentic.

That said I agree with @Jasen Hicks and support from your country legitimate American businesses.

hey man look, if you buy stuff from walmart, you know you value your wallet more than your nationalism. gotta keep it real man, if I can verify that some foreign guy sells the exact same thing for less, I’d be foolish to go against the force of the free market.

and live valley does seem to be one of the cheapest sellers who claims to sell legit sanwa parts. so you have compared genuine sanwa and their sanwa parts? if you don’t feel any difference, I guess that’s good enough for me.

in their description, they have lengthy picture proof to show they are the real deal. so maybe it’s worth a try.

You aren’t going to find this stuff at your local Walmart.

If you want actual Sanwa and Seimitsu parts avoid eBay and Amazon, especially anything from Mainland Asia (example: China).

I think the Walmart thing was a metaphor.

I called and talked to the guy at Focusattack, he was super nice, and my shipment came fast. Ill jsut stick with him from now own,

MM, I have sanwa parts that came straight from focus attack and mad catz, and I can’t find any indicator that live valley sold me knock offs. That said, it sounds like focus attack is having a sale on April 5th, which will likely make that a better deal anyways.

I should also point out that live valley does offer knock offs, but they’re listed as “perfect replace for sanwa”, or some other engrish variant thereof.

Also, beware that “Sanwa Gt-y” is just the gate, not the actual JLF.

You have so many legitimate, reputable, and high quality service vendors to choose from. If you can’t afford any of them, you shouldn’t be in the hobby of arcade sticks.

A better metaphor would be if you wanted to get plastic surgery would you trust a licensed medical professional or some back alley tijuana butcher?

what about buyers of 2nd hand stick? should they quit playing FTG with sticks because they don’t have what it takes to support the FTG business? this reminds me of the 2nd game sale debate somewhat.

isn’t it a bit harsh to generalize and write off foreign vendors as knock-off dealers? I am sure there are just as legitimate reputable and quality vendors in every other country because there are FTG communities everywhere. those vendor just happen to have the advantage of cheaper operating cost.

different regions have different markups because of the store rent fees, business license fee, and shipping fees. chinese stores have it cheaper for all to the above, but that doesn’t affect their ability to get the goods the same way our local stores do. they just sell things with lower markup and 0 shipping fee that’s all.

what you are buying from big name vender stores are convenience, customer service and refund policy, which is why you pay extra for the markups, but there aren’t any option for people who just want the parts.

arcade stick is a mean to an end so we can play fighting games the way we are used to, and we really don’t have many options if we want a properly working fight stick. pad people have it easy when their official ps pad is always reliable in all situations.

So vote with your wallet and buy knock-offs. This thread is weird.

I find it more than slightly ironic that this guy is getting so much rage directed at him for trying to save a couple dollars by buying Japanese parts from a seller based in China (or in the case of the one I suggested, Hong Kong). You all do realize that most of the electronics goods we buy are made in China, right? Yes, low quality, low price knockoffs are big business in China, but not everything they make/sell is a low quality knock off- as I said, price is usually the indicator. Ever been to a flea market where there are Chinese sellers? Have you noticed that everything they have is a) dirt cheap, and b) at least slightly different in its markings (an example sitting on my desk right now: permanent markers called “Skarpie” rather than “Sharpie”; the “Skarpies” cost $1 for 10 markers, or something close to it)? They sell the knockoff stuff cheap because the price is what gets them customers, nobody is going to pay brand name prices for obvious knockoffs.

Specific examples in the case of arcade parts on ebay:

Sanwa JLF (with ball top) + Sanwa octogate + 8 OBSF-30 buttons + Chinese 5 pin harness: $53.99 + $5 shipping: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sanwa-Joystick-JLF-TP-8YT-8-Buttons-OBSF-30-GT-Y-arcade-jamma-game-kit-/181099998821?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item2a2a66ae65

The same order from Focus Attack is $58.20 before shipping, in my specific case the total would be $66.05. A difference of $7 is not too hard to believe, given the comparative costs of doing business in America versus those costs in Hong Kong.

Here we have a knockoff stick with 8 buttons, a USB pcb, and 5 pin harness for $28.99 + $3 shipping. $32 cheaper, red flag. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ARCADE-JOYSTICKS-BUTTONS-KIT-WITH-PCB-PS3-PC-WIRING-Crystal-PCB-/181203035343?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item2a308ae4cf

…And the slightly more misleading stick + buttons + USB/PS3 pcb + 5 pin harness + Sanwa LB-35 ball top for $33.99 + $5 shipping: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-New-Arcade-Joystick-8-Arcade-Buttons-USB-Encoder-MAME-Sanwa-LB-35-2-/171214412653?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27dd2c9b6d

Now, in this case, someone not knowledgeable on the topic may see “Sanwa LB-35 ball top” and assume they’re getting Sanwa parts, when in reality the only Sanwa part is the ball top, i.e., shit that’s cheap and unimportant. This is another example of where the low price should raise a red flag, as this package compared to Focus Attack is $27 cheaper, despite including a PCB.

If you get burned (as in being sold knockoffs when you expected the real deal) by an ebay/Amazon seller, you’re probably not looking closely enough before buying. Know the details of what you’re shopping for. These people want to continue doing business on ebay/Amazon, and ripping people off with genuinely inaccurate information is a surefire way to jeopardize that.

All this said, there are definitely benefits of shopping domestically (service, returns, convenience, etc.), and I generally do (I bought parts from live valley while ordering a ZD ps2/ps3/usb encoder because of the shipping savings on the 16 buttons and a JLF needed for my cabinet), but let’s not freak out and burn anyone at the stake for buying foreign parts from a foreign seller, or assume that every mainland Asian person is trying to rip us all off.

I live in China, as a result most American distributors are impractical. I’d be interested in further discussion along these lines.

As I said, know the details (including the going rate) of what you’re buying. Beyond that, use customer reviews. If a deal seems to good to be true, there’s probably a reason. I can vouch for ebay seller livevalley168, if that’s any help.

Keep in mind every few of us actually live in China, the rule of thumb isn’t buy American but by Domestically.
I going to insist people buy American anyways as, you know self interest. /end of discussion

The Rage ? If you asked for a question, don’t argue with the answer received. If you don’t agree with it, fine that is your prerogative but if you do keep your comments to your self.

At least in the US Chines products specially knock-offs and grey market items have a bad rep. Not to mention the prolonged shipping times.

So it’s ok to comment about how Chinese sellers are all shady, but not ok to comment in rebuttal to the initial answers? This logic would presume that anyone who disagrees with the first person to respond to any given question should keep quiet.

Knock offs and grey market products from China deservedly have a bad rep, nobody is disputing that. The OP wanted to know if anyone here had experience with Chinese/Hong Kong sellers who were selling the real deal, meaning he doesn’t want knock offs or grey market products. I do, so I answered along with comments on what to look for to avoid said knock offs/grey market products. Buying from such a seller comes with trade offs (such as longer shipping times and difficulty of accessing customer services) anyone old enough to have an ebay account should be aware of, nobody is disputing those facts either. And in case you didn’t notice, I suggested the OP wait for the upcoming Focus Attack (who I have placed 5 orders with and regularly recommend) sale anyways, as their sale should allow him to save money and keep the benefits of shopping domestically.