Which FG has the widest skill gap between beginner and pro?

I’d venture an uneducated guess that it’s the VF series. Or maybe it’s 3S or MvC2 perhaps?

You probably meant “which game has the longest learning curve”.
From what I heard its VF, which is a game where players mostly learn one character only in order to become good.
I’ll also pass honorable mention for Samurai Shodown 4 and 5 special, which have a load of gimmicks that take a year or two to be learned and used effectively.

Nope. I actually meant which game has the widest skill gap. Some games are very easy to learn, but hard to master.

King of Fighters '94.


Easy to get fundamentals down but extremely hard to master.

Execution, metagame, fundamentals… basically everything you need to be good at the game. If you take 3S for example, the rest of the world thought they knew how to play the game because they could pull off funky hit-confirms and could parry everything under the sun. It’s only people started seeing how the Japanese play the game that they realized how far behind they were.

2D: Guilty Gear
3D: Virtua Fighter

I guess.

Easiest way to understand the question would maybe be “Which game gives beginners the lowest odds of beating a pro?”

By “beginner” I mean someone who can do all the moves with high consistency and has decent reactions. Not an absolute button-mashing n00b.

Pretty much

Though I know little about 3D fighters, I’ve also heard from several people that VF is the deepest fighter out there, so naturally it’d have the biggest room for a skill gap to develop

There are a few imo:

You aren’t really going to be lucking into too many wins if the skill gap is too wide in any of those games. If you are just starting vs someone who is advanced, it’s still pretty vauge. I think I get what you are asking though. Beginner to Advanced, I imagine that those three games wouldn’t award the beginner 1 on 10 matches. There aren’t really any comeback mechanics that allow for “lucky” wins to occur. Cvs2 you are going to get footsied to death, plus the other guy knows more about RC/CC’S/Links better then you. VS has a lot of offense going on that is hard to manage plus, if you did manage to get going on the advanced player, push block starts becoming a huge issue when you want to have an ongoing offense. I would say something similar in regaurds to JJBA. XVS, the advanced player is going to infinite you all day until you figure out how to get around in that games ecosystem.

I’d have to go with SFIV

Virtua Fighter no contest




I’d say GG or Marvel. In any SF game I can pretty much hold my own against players who have been playing longer and better comp than me but when I first got here and everyone played GG and Marvel to death, I couldn’t touch them in either game. I never played VF against anyone so I don’t know about that.

It is something set in stone.

Well a Pro is always gonna whip a beginner’s ass, so this topic question is difficult to answer.

HD Remix, and Super Turbo.
You need years of experience before you can say you are Pro.
Its not like with MvC, where you can learn gimmicks and have assist characters.
I’ve been putting in a good 4-5 hours a day and i finally feel like i can hang with the big dogs.
But its been a year and a half now. I still meet people 12 years deep with experience that wipe the floor with me.

I believe its the years of experience that helps.
Other games cant say that besides 3rd strike, because they haven’t been out for years.

I’d have to say MVC2 cuz it’s so different from the rest of the genre that your experience in other games won’t help you as much as in other games, where you could get to the mind game part faster.

It’s funny some people still think GG is hard to play.

All competitive games have polarized skill gaps. An advanced player, by definition, will crush a newbie in any game of their choice. The ‘button masher, equalizing game engine’ is a myth, IMO.

A beginner will win the least vs a pro in MvC2. One reason is because of the massive amount of health each player has. If the beginner is poking and mashing without knowing combos, he will have to land 50+ hits before winning.The pro can win with just three or four openings.

In most other games a few lucky supers can win a match, so upsets will happen more often.