Which fight controller would be best for PS3?

:wonder: Hey what up everyone,
I’ve been playing SSFIV on 360 for a while now and I just recently (well, about a couple of months ago) bought a PS3 and SSFIV along with it. I noticed that, while the 360 controller feels good to use to pull of moves, combos, etc., I find that the PS3 controller is quite frustrating, and it’s getting to the point of intolerable. The left analog stick doesn’t feel right and the left & right trigger buttons in the back, dang near intolerable.
So I ask you all, if there is someone who could help me make an informed choice about whether to purchase a fight pad for the PS3 or one of the arcade fighting sticks? Which would y’all think has better handling? Is it just a metter of preference? If so, I might lean towards the fight pad because I like the feel of a controller pad and I love the six-button layout on the front.

sigh it’s hard to decide. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

It’s really all about preference when it comes to stick or pad.

A lot of people here will tell you to get a stick though.

I personally use this

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Great pad, IMO, it’s very comfortable, the buttons are sized and placed well, and the d-pad feels good. Plus it’s not too hard to dual mod, apparently. I had mine done just recently and it works great on 360! Inthul uses a dual modded one.

To the OP, you might benefit from reading the sticky post on arcade sticks.

Attention new players:
Please stop calling every hardware “fight hardware”.
Just because Madcatz does it to its own products doesn’t mean you need to do it to every existing hardware out there.
Repeat after me: PS3 pad, 360 pad, Arcade Stick.

That is all.

I really ought to add that to the sticky.

Thanks for the info guys :slight_smile:

So wait, where could I get the pad dual-modded?


You can check that and see if a local modder in your area could do it.

I actually contacted Gummowned and had him do it for me, despite the fact that I live in a different state.


joystick FTW!