Which fighting game does everybody love that you secretly hate?

I’ll start at the risk of getting lit on fire:

SS2T. Ok, i’m sure it’s the most balanced SF2 there is. And yes, there is akuma and the long-awaited super moves SNK had spoiled us with. BUT…what’s with the speed increase??? I mean, I liked the one in SF2CE, it seemed like a natural progression. And Super Street fighter 2 felt fine too. But ST was just way too fast. It deemphasized strategic thinking in favor of instinct and twitch reflexes. Nothing wrong with those…but it’s just not as much my thing. I’m glad they slowed things down for Alpha 3 and 3s.

So, how about you?

PS: Go here if you’ve owned an arcade stick.

tekken, mvc2, though it isnt a secret

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Virtual Fighter Series!!! Vf5 Dont Know Yet But 1-4 Hate With A Passion

SF2 and its many incarnations and tekken.

3rd Strike

Im right there with you I despise anything related to VF…I hate myself for even mentioning it

awe come on… its not a bad game >> why the hate? least its not a doa style mashing boob fest…

plus the martial arts are all pretty accurate and realistic [save the super jumping] n.n i find that to be awesome

I hate 3d fighting games shhhhhh!

Don’t Tell Nooooo Body.

Come, come. Saying that DOA4 is a button masher only sells your intelligence short. You have to be an idiot to think you can mash to win in ANY fighting game. Never mind one with such a high emphasis on punishment.

Anyway…I don’t really HATE any fighting game. Mainly because I haven’t given much time to the Tekkens, the VFs, MVC2, MBAC and several others. I’m sure that, over time, I can come to hate those as well.

3rd strike, All 3D games, KOF series from 99-2k3

Mortal Kombat.

DOA. Why was it even at evo? How can anyone take that game seriously?

MK II. My crew loves it.

Soul Calibur and DOA

It’s hard for me to say I hate any fighting game, since two lifebars with two guys duking it out underneath are what good videogames are made of. There are, however, several fighting games that I think are pretty underwhelming.

the DOA series
Smash Bros. (fun as hell at a party though, but played competitively, it blows)
the VF series after VF2
the Tekken series after T3
the MK series after UMK3

And although I used to really enjoy it, my opinion of the Soul Calibur series has gotten really jaundiced over time. Chalk it up to years of only playing against scrubs.


I just don’t like having your partners interferring with the fight.

Touching myself.

Yah me 2~

3rd strike…fuck that slow booshit :annoy:

marvel2 :annoy:

no secret