Which fighting game has the most INTERNATIONAL base?

EDIT: PLEASE READ THE POLL QUESTION BEFORE VOTING!!! It’s a little different than the topic title.

First of all this isn’t for me to make a decision about which game I’ll play or anything. Instead I’m just curious about the world fighting game scene. We all know about America (North mostly) and Japan. There’s also Europe, South America, Korea, China, Australia and a few other “powerhouses”. But what about the world as a whole? I’m talking places like [insert third-world country here]. Can you walk into something that can be called an arcade and find guys leaning their freshly-cut chickens against the machine and performing ROM infinites?

Of course the main countries skew the statistics, but I’m just curious, especially about first-hand experiences from people who have traveled to foreign arcades.

Whoops, I left out Marvel >_<! Here come the negs!!! Although it could count under ‘Other CapCom’. I also forgot KI, lol.

Probably KOF

KoF of course. I can’t even imagine how many pirated KoF cabinets there are floating around in the world.

kof man

Whoops, didn’t know there could be replies while I was still making the poll.

Keyword: Neo-Geo piracy.

(Im from a third-world country so, trust me)

Yeah, I would have to say KOF…

Definitely KOF.

Japan loves it. China, Korea and the majority of Asia love it. South America loves it. And I believe it’s even got some what of a dedicated following in Europe too.

Piracy helped out a great deal, but it can’t be denied that SNK and KOF probably have the singular largest following all over the world.

That’s why I’m hoping that XII will get at least a PC port, if nothing else. SNK will stand to lose all that following, if they don’t make it so that those same fans don’t have access to it…

KOF with ease…I tell people esp since going to Mexico a lot that people have no earthly idea how much stronger the competition around the world is in SNK moreso than Capcom…

A world championship in KOF would just be mindboggling…

They dont necessarily need a PC port…they are gonna get the modded pS2s etc…trust me on this.

Also the arcades that have it people are gonna flock to… (KOFXII)

King of Fighters.

Probably KoF but the SF series and Namco make way more money as all pre-XI KOFs were bootlegged in the areas in which they were very popular.


as far as on a professional level it’s DOA4

KOF with Tekken right behind it.

SF. Cuz America is the only place that counts.

Interesting and unexpected responses in my opinion. Please explain further.

Also, how about those first-hand experiences? Anyone?

I’ve been to Leon, GTO in Mexico a few times and SNK does have Mexico on lock. I’ve passed by smaller towns while in Mexico as well and even the crappiest, run down little towns and villages have KoF cabs.

I have to say KOF hands down, but Street Fighter is known more than KOF, which should definitely not be the case especially now. How long has it been since Capcom came out with a new Street Fighter? And SNK been coming out with fighters left and right while Capcom was making other games…same thing with Namco and Arc Systems. I know when I was in South Korea, KOF is real big over there. I got my ass whipped by a 12 year old girl!!! (at least she looked 12 lol), so just from that you can see a loyal following. I;m just disappointed that they don’t have KOF machines in most arcades in the states…sigh…

QFT lol… sarcasm

lol i remember when i was in the states in 2000 coulnd’t find a single kof machine in san francisco lol… managed to find one kof machine in las vegas though hhahahaahaha

Let me correct you…SNK doesnt have Mexico on lock…its KOF…trust me…a lot of them dont know how to play the Other SNK games that well…but KOF…yes its on lock.

i choose kof.

and i always see the most Mexicans playing kof at my arcade. most of the money from that machine comes from the mexican community in my area. they are pretty good.