Which Fighting game has the toughest AI?


I decided not to make this a poll just so I don’t leave any games out. I’ll leave it up too you.


Hmmm. I’ll assume you mean “toughest non-cheating AI.” VF2 and OMF 2097 have learning systems that can either make the AI a total beast better than any routine can come up with, or amazingly stupid, while VF4e’s AI is just really solid.


Mortal Kombat games


Toughest AI or toughest CPU opponent?

Toughest AI I would give to Super Turbo and EX2+. Not because the AI was smart, oh no. Its becasue the AI is reactive. You do something, it does something. No reaction time whatsoever. 100% techs, for example. Super Turbo, at least, sometimes leaves opening, unlike EX2+, which is a master of turtling, then reacting instantaneously. I head that game made by midway was also pretty horrible. “War Gods” or something.

Budokan’s AI is also unebelievably cheap. It can block 100%, considering that blocking is next to impossible by humans.


affirmative on mk


SNK Bosses.




Probably super turbo.

80% damage on mashing throws
walking blanka ball or summersault
no downtime dizzy


ST is really hard until you figure out what each character dies to. Sure, it sucks when Dhalsim takes 3/4 of your life with one noogie, or Guile comboes sonic booms on you, Bison interrupts a Zangief SPD tick with a throw, or what have you. But each of those guys dies to the stupidest stuff. You just have to figure it out.

MK AI always kicked my ass, but I never really spent the time to get better at those games, so whatever.

Third Strike totally has the hardest AI. CPU Oro = SF Deep Blue.


ST ahoy!


Kitana and Scorpion own UMK3 AI which was the cheapest of the MK series.


Art Of Fighting 1 and 2.


Fighter’s Destiny 2 (N64)




MK (2D series) had lame AI. They had patterns that, if you could figure them out, can easily kill anyone computer AI. I would say the only reason it seemed hard is because the computer reacted to your moves, so all you had to do was let the computer make the first move and then counter.

ST is hard as balls.


Marvel vs.Capcom 2’s AI is shitty like 3rd Strike’s.The CPU can attack you while you are performing a combo.In 3rd Strike DA GAME was a victim of Ken’s bullshit.DG was playing as Chun-Li & performed her KikoSho super.Ken walked right up & grabbed Chun-Li out of the shit,OTG’ed with a low Forward XX ShinRyuKen combo.That combo is WAY impossible for a human player,but the AI does it so well.BTW Ken grabbed Chun out of the KikoSho when it was hitting him.


Super Turbo(Throws and holds taking almost the whole damn life bar, wtf? Fighting Dhalsim is a nightmare…)

Art of Fighting 2(Good god this shit gets retarded)

Galaxy Fight(wait till you get to the last boss Feldon, it’s enough to make you give up)

Tekken 4(Put it on the very highest difficulty, oh god… Julia Chang is a fucking nightmare, I HATE HER!!! The CPU does ten hit strings and other crazy combos constantly, and King WILL put you in EVERY SINGLE FUCKING HOLD HE HAS!)

Bloody Roar 3(Put it on the highest setting and watch as every cpu opponent fast evades and blocks damn near every single attack you do. It’s really not that bad tho, till you get to Uranus… Have fun as she perfects you again and again…)

Kof94 and Kof95(mainly when you get to Rugal and Saishyu/Omega Rugal… There’s a reason I never beat either game…)


i would have to with Mortal Kombat and Shin bison from SFEX2+:mad:


(con’t from my last post)

In order of gheyness

WYLER > AoF 2 chars after stage 3 > NEO-DIO > Other SNK Bosses > ST/HSF > GILL > MK 2-UMK > SFEX Shin Bosses

Caps are for honorable mention.


CVS2? What are you smoking. I want your shit