Which Fighting game has the toughest AI?


Arcade 3rd Strike Gill, not that pussywhipped DC version Gill. Even the veterans at my arcade can’t consistently beat him.


cvs2 a.i. is tough . if you are good , you won’t say that .

3s …sigh yeah … US version is toughest


Gill’s arcade AI is pathetic. If he gives you trouble, something is wrong.
Here’s just a few ways to take advantage of his AI.

Urien: Throw MP spheres. If nothing happens, throw another one. If Gill jumps into it, RH tackle. Repeat.

Q: Knock Gill down. As he gets up, CDB him and follow with a combo. Repeat.

Gouki: Force Gill to block any cancelable move and cancel into the demon flip. Use the throw. When Gill gets up, repeat.

Makoto: Grab Gill with a command grab. Then Fierce, Hayate. Repeat.


Oh dude I thought I was the only one who played that game.




I think it depends on what you mean by toughest AI. If you mean cheap impossible stuff, then every MK played on the first player side is near impossible to beat. However the AI in MK is incredibly stupid, and with some patterns will do incredibly stupid stuff. For example, in MK2, if you’re playing on the second player side(don’t ask me why Midway implemented 2 different AI behaviors) and jump towards the AI at a certain distance, he’ll back off. Then just walk towards it; it’ll keep going backwards, and you can easily bring them into a corner. You can then back away to a certain distance where he will stop moving, wait 2 seconds, then jump towards it; it will always throw it’s projectile. It’s dead easy.

ST is very hard, until you learn what it doesn’t counter. VF4 is not tough, it just learns, which is different; it will grow in power as you do, which always makes it a great opponent.

The MKs had near impossible AIs sometimes… It will literally throw you out of everything, do standing jump kicks every time you jump towards it, etc. It’s just ridiculous.


Street Fighter Turbo.

The MK games have that bullshit AI, so you need a pattern to beat them :bluu: but I still love the series.


some of the missions on ggxx are pretty silly… i.e. gold justice.

even though that really shouldn’t be considered AI, its pretty fucking hard. i’d vote for st or vf.


The last mission on ggxx is :eek: ex gold sol…that nigga is already cheap enough.


Mortal Kombat 3 was a pain in the ass. I played it all the time when everybody else told me that it sucked and I disagreed. Then I got rid of that along with my Snes and agreed that it was the worst of the Mk series. I hated that game.:eek:


i am mostly a 3s person.
what i noticed was when i first started out on the game, the AI sucked, cause i did…

as i got better, the AI developed more and actually did some good things, like regular parry and throw or counter after.

now, as i got much better, i see red-parries, (example: when you pick yun and do the s.lp>s.lk>s.mp setup for the genei-jin {spelling?}) and when you play against hugo and he does a walk up 360 on you, which most human players here in the US still can’t do consistantly.

i swear, the AI gets smarter as your level of play increases…

and yeah, when i had my SNES, MK games were tough to beat.


Tough cpus ai’s include zero2 darkstalkers 3, kof95, Karnovs revenge, ss2, Xmen cota.

I personally do not find 3rd strikes ai tough at all, there’s only one thing that strikes terror in me in that game, when you reach about 8th or 9th stage you get the choice of either elena or gouki, i shit my pants!

Some guy mentioned ROTD, the AI was easy in that game all you have to do is block they ALLWAYS do some random move that leaves them wide open, the nly thing that was tough about them was that they ALLWAYS nail there combos without fail.

Oh two other games spring to mind power instinct 2 and last blade 2 on level 8


It’s actually quite easy… I find some of the other missions MUCH harder(in #r, anyway).

Easy way to do it: Get Sol into a corner with repeated Slash->Stun Dipper, then once he’s cornered and down, you do a Stun Edge Charge Attack->Close S.slash->Far S.slash->Crouch slash->Stun Dipper->repeat

Sol is stupid enough to get hit most of the time by the Stun Edge Charge Attack, and that combo is a guaranteed knockdown. I take no credit for it; I saw that in a video I got somewhere and I just tried it… Works wonderfully.

I find the story mode is MUCH more difficult sometimes. Especially getting Dizzy’s second ending; you have to beat Boss I-No in one shot, and this is basically impossible… I’ve never seen anyone good enough with Dizzy to do that :slight_smile:


The GGXX and VF4 AIs have some serious holes. Notably, GGXX has trouble handling wakeup attacks (Ky/Sol/Dizzy/etc. can abuse this as stated above) and VF4 never escapes low throws and will usually try to block charge attacks (Vanessa charge attack into low throw wins 80% without fail). VF4e is much better, of course.


I’ll make ya a tape.

N - :wink:


I-No in Dizzy’s story mode is no problem as long as you don’t slip up because if you do,the CPU I-No believes in the one shot,one kill theme.


Mortal Kombat 3
Rage of the Dragons
Virtua Fighter 4
SSF2T on dreamcast
Xmen COTA(sometimes)
Streetfighter 1




^Which reminda me. XCOTA’s boss Magneto is an EVIL FUCKER. Possibly faster and nastier than even MvC2 Mags. :eek: :mad:

I was quite surprised by his mention of SFA3 myself. That was some cake-easy shit IMO. :B


Yeap, that game is total fucking bullshit when it comes to everything. Bessy (i think that’s the name of the cow) is total bullshit. You’d think you can get at least 1 hit, but noooooooo he goes into PMS rage mode and juggles you for free. :mad:


Samurai Showdown 3 for the Saturn.