Which fighting game is right for me?

I’ve only played fighting games seriously for a couple years now, and I’ve only really liked a few (MvC2, SSBM, and Dual Blades).

I didn’t like NAMCO fighters like Tekken 5 and SC2, which basically give every fighter 100+ moves and expect you to go through them all to find which are good pokes, are comboable, suck, etc. Also, the combos were pretty hard.

And in CvS2, it was more of a poke fest, (Sagat, Yamazaki, Rolento) and great combos (unless you were insanly good, i.e A-groove Bison, Balrog, etc.) were like 5 hits and were usu. quite difficult to pull off (some kind of weird timings). So I hardly got good at that.

So I guess what I’m looking for a capcom-ish fighter with an MvC2 type learning curve and depth, or maybe another Dual Blades.

I can only get one, and I’ve been seriously considering KoF:MI2 when it comes out in the U.S. But I’ve also heard good things about 3s, and Virtua Fighter 4. And what about Capcom Fighting Evolution? Other suggestions would be good too.

Capcom Fighting Evolution hell no avoid that shit, your better off getting the hyper sf collection which basically is super SF2 turbo +plus 3s.

KoF:MI2 is button bashing, yea it has some tatics but its not something you can take too seriously.

Virtua Fighter 4 is like the hardest game to learn, if your not going to put time into playing it, then forget it, however it is a great game, its just that the learning curve is really high.

I would also Recommend guilty gear its kinda like mvc2, accept not as crazy and has better tiers, either get XXReloaded or Slash if you can import.

I hope that helps you.

Capcom Fighting Evolution? NO WAY

Get Guilty Gear XX Slash.

GGXX Slash and Melty Blood Act Cadenza are both really good games, give them a shot.

To be honest I’d personally avoid MvC2… Right now it isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be and by the time you’ve spent the 2 - 3 years getting the execution and mind set down it probably wont be played any more (lets hope that doesn’t happen). 3S’s a great game, so are GGXX#R/S and MBR: AC. One of those three are probably your best bet going from what you’ve said. You could also go Super Turbo if you wanted to, it seems to be just as popular as it’s always been.

The main thing to think of though is what game “you” want to play. You’re only going to be good at games you your self are comfotable with and other peoples suggestions shouldn’t get in the way of that. I’d say just buy a few games and see what you like, it’s the only way you’re really going to find out.

Well also take into consideration what people in your area play, it’s more fun to play a game you can go play with people than to play something no one else is playing.

I guess the only fighter(s) that comes into recent memory is Alpha Anthology for PS2



I meant the, you know, top-tier combo video combos.

If you dont like Tekken or SC, then i doubt that you’ll like VF4. I guess you should try 3s, GGXXslash, or KOFXI


Super Turbo

Guilty Gear sounds like a good choice for you. You should pick it up, since it seems ot fit what you want in your description, and there’s plenty of people that play it, so you won’t have to be one of those closet case fighting game fans that never gets to play his game against other people.

Yeah, sounds like he’s into spazzy games…Try any game that has a custom combo mode that lets you go crazy on the controller…most of C-coms latest fighters have that.


That too…but can you believe this: I NEVER do customs in alpha 2. Feels too gimmicky and random. I stick to supers, where I already know how much damage will occur, and where the body will fall.

I’m guessing you didn’t play it in tournies then. Later Alpha 2 was all about customs.

The hell kind of topic is this. Why don’t you just play the games and find out?

When your main arguments against a lot of these fighters is that they’re ‘too hard’, it doesn’t make a very good case for your playing ability.
-You hate Tekken, but you want to try VF which is like a hundred times less beginner friendly?
-You hate poke-fests, but you’re considering 3rd Strike?
And how the hell are you having trouble with combos in those games if you played MvC? Unless you suck at that too.

Honestly, unless you’ve been living under a fucking rock, I don’t see how you can not know how these fighters play. Hell, there are shitloads of videos on youtube alone.
You’re doing a fine job of reinforcing the stereotype of a SSB player that doesn’t know shit about any other fighters. Also, Dual Blades sucks.