Which Fighting game Requires the MOST Skill?

To keep it simple (oxymoron, I know) lets keep this between Tekken, Super Street Fighter 4, and Soul Calibur. If possible, name the reasoning behind your decision.

Idk. Because I just don’t.

You’re a scrub.

My Reasoning? This thread.

Well this thread definitely isn’t going to end in flame wars and tears.


You’ll find your answer by running a quick forum search for the other million and one threads with the same question in the title.

LoL, and you’re a pussy who acts brave over the internet.

Best of the Best.

I didn’t even make it out of the training mode in that game.

Also, dumb thread.

Violence Fight.

And yes, this thread is fake and gay.

mech warrior 3

the steve wilkos fighter

well out of those options? Tekken

its no contest Tekken is prolly the deepest fighting game right now

Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus.

patiently waits for first person foolish enough to attempt to argue for a game

SFxT requires the most skills to play.

Likewise? Also, 1.5 weeks.

super smash bros melee, have you seen the execution and oki in that game??

That game is real?

and the combos, oh my god the combos. you cant just use these canned combos people use in other games since theres ‘directional influence’ and stuff and you need to acct for the physics in the game. its insane really, taking in and reacting to all that stuff on the fly

smash = party game get that stuff out of here. this is a fighting game forum.

The vs mode in double dragon NES