Which fighting game you think has the best animation?


When it comes to fighters the most important aspect for most avid players is the gameplay. Me I feel the animation for characters in a fighter is just as important as the gameplay. Gameplay can be great but if the characters don’t look fluid in their movements, or there’s notable missing frames, it’s a turn off for me. IMO Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers 3 has the best animation even though the sprites look dated.

Animation wise, the characters look like something straight from Disney with how bright and vibrant they look and all the squashing and stretching they do when moving and attacking. Not to mention the hallarious damage animations. Which fighter do you believe has the best animation and why?


Rise of the Robots.


I would definitely say third strike. Personally, I find the redesign of existing characters and older characters to emphasize movement and the execution still holds up quite well to this day. I loved playing the shotos in this game simply because of the way they animated the clothing.

I would draw a parallel to Classic Disney animation in films from the 50’s-70’s, but in the fighting game genre. Perhaps there are some that match it, but as far as how it influenced a shift in thinking, I can’t think of any games that emphasized weight and movement so well. SF2 to Alpha to III was a striking (no pun intended) difference.

I’m sure there are plenty of differing opinions and quantifying and qualifying “best” is subject to taste, but that would be mine.


Yeah I can definitely see alot of votes for SF Third Strike. Those characters are fluid like water. Especially when Ken does his Super Art with the kicks. Those kicks just look so nice buttery and smooth.


I gotta go with gg xrd. I know it hasn’t come out after watching max’s 60 fps video of the game I was blown away. The game just flowed beautifully.


Art Of Fighting 3


3S, AoF3, VSav, KOFXIII, and Red Earth.

These are all in no particular order except Red Earth which is clearly the best animated fighting game I have ever seen. Imagine a fluidity similar to 3S with “pop” and creativity of VSav. That said, did not like the game. I do not understand it; just couldn’t hack it.


Vampire Savior, 3s, and Skullgirls.


3rd Strike


3rd Strike and VSav stand out as the obvious two


Def Jam: Icon.


I am not sure if its the best and all but I really love the use of calligraphic ink effects in the Street Fighter IV series.


obviously injustice


Zero Divide.


Hey guys I appreciate your answers, but can ya give reasons for your pics? Want to have some discussion about the annimation of these fighters.


Martial Masters is a really underrated pick


Well I definitely know which fighting games aren’t in the running. (looks sideways at every Mortal Kombat ever + Injustice)




Damn, that’s nice.


Third Strike > SFIV have the best in my opinion. I like their fluidity of motion. They both look alive.