Which Fighting games online has the least and most lag

Dont have a xbox or 360 only my Pc and Ps2…thinkin about getting one to play fighting games like Streetfighter, Guilty Gear and KOF. Just wanted to know is it worth buyin an xbox and games i already have for previous consoles just to play online.

Games play better online with the Xbox than PS2 from what i’ve heard.

Xbox is a great way to go for SF - the anniversary collection games and CVS2 play quite well online, although keep in mind that lag has a lot more to do with your internet connection than it does with the game. Some games can’t maintain a connection to another player, tho - GGXX#Reload on Xbox is notorious for dropping the connection in the middle of a match - I’ve never made it past three matches without the connection dropping. Supposedly SSF2T on the 360 has the same problem, but I haven’t tried it yet.

DOA4 is virtually lagless (for me anyway)

Enough DOA4. Break out the HF.

i cant do basic moves with the 360 controller, I feel like i’m 8 again when i play that game :sweat:


SVC Chaos
KOF '02






KOF '03

Keep in mind that I’m rating the games based on how well they perform online, not the quality of the game itself.

Buy an XBox. I don’t know any fighters on PS2 that go online other than maybe MK?

thanks for the tips guys for the tips…what about street fighter anthology??

SFA Anthology is on PS2 only and it doesn’t have online.

Yeah, the best game on Live by far is DOA4. No lag unless you’re playing against a serious dumbass. I’ve played against Koreans, Mexicans and Italians with no detectable lag.

The next best game I’ve played, lag-wise, is KOF Neowave. I haven’t played 2k2/2k3, and I avoid playing Maximum Impact.

Anniversary Collection is pretty good. It can be tough to get your parry on, though.

Guilty Gear is hated on, but it offers the chance to have a pretty good, combo-filled time. But it IS only a chance.

Haven’t played enough CvS2 online to comment.

HF is by far the best fighting game on live. Next would be doa4, then CFE.

I hear 3-D games have little to no lag and in it I heard MKD won

man thinking about it MKD does win, second is DOA4 surprisingly considering the fact u have an instant lobby of like 8 or more spectators and its as smooth as ice, and smooth slowdown lag, not Sinbad-Monster lag