Which fightstick did john choi use?


john choi vs jason cole evo 2007. what kind of fightstick was choi using there?

at 1:17 you can see choi sitting on the floor with his stick.

I believe its a MAS stick.




is it possible to convert a ps2 stick like the MAS to ps3 using a ps2/ps3 converter without there being lag?

Yes If you buy the Inpin converter from Laugh.

Check the converter compatibility thread: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=181187

John uses a Perfect 360 joystick in his MAS.

If you were to use a MAS for new games I would recommend skipping the converter and buying a multi-console cthulhu.

im not sure what other people’s experiences were with mas, but when i TRIED to buy one back in 2001, they sent me a broken one and never sent me a replacement. fuck i really wanted that back in the day and they never even bothered to respond to my e-mails or do anything that showed solid customer service

also its been 10 years and the website still looks the same, kind of lame if you aks me

If you want one I wouldn’t even bothering going direct to MAS. I’d go to ArcadeShock.com. From my experience they are faster than going direct.

Mas Systems is less than two minutes away from me.
They in a Mobile Home place.

Fightstick = madcatz branding, not universal name for arcade sticks.


^ you say tissue, some say kleenex :]]

Here’s the stick he used at NorCal Regionals.


Great blog! LOL

Thanks for the link… It was entertaining!