Which fightstick for modding?


So I’m looking into buying a fightstick, and looking forward to modding it. I plan on replacing the square gate, possibly the joystick, the template, and the pushbuttons. I’m really looking forward to digging my fingers into modding it. So, I was wondering what fightstick would be the best to buy since I plan on modding it? I figured just a tournament edition fightstick(correct me if I’m wrong.) Also, when I was checking out TE fightsticks I noticed that there are several different types of TE SSIV fightsticks.

  1. Is there differences between TE SSIV fightsticks?
  2. Which one would be the best to get since I plan on modding it?
  3. Are TE fightsticks the best way to go for my purposes?
  4. Where’s the best website to buy said fightsticks, or fightsticks in general.
    Thanks in advance :smiley:


There is no difference except aesthetic; color, art, size.

There is no best, they all the same.

Yes, the TE is way to go.
Unless you like the small size of non-TE, then that is cool too.

MarkMan will post up a Sale for Mad Catz Arcade FightStick soon.
So if you wait, you can have deal.


As stated above me, all the TEs are essentially the same, TE Round 1 and 2 are identical, only differences being different colours and art work. The TE S is the latest of the 3 but is slightly smaller. Personally I like the Round 2 (that’s the one I got) ones the best. The only thing is, they all come equipped with Sanwa buttons and joystick already, so really there shouldn’t need to mod many things internal wise.
I think you should also consider buying the Qanba sticks. I also have the q3 for the PS3, in my opinion they are on same level as the Madcatz TE, which is saying alot! Oh yeah, the Qanba q3 comes all equipped with Sanwa and there is a wireless version as well. Hope this helped.


Personally, I liked the Round 1 Fightstick better… Something about the white bevel sides I guess. I don’t care for the SSFIV sticks that don’t have the beveled sides and faceplate bezels.

I also have 2 copies of the MvC2 which are basically R2 sticks with a modded PCB. One of those I turned into a non-Marvel character stick… (One of the DC characters. I won’t reveal who it is until I get finalized art and a plexi on it!) Both my MvC2’s have swapped QD’s to the SFIV configuration. I never understood putting in button layouts that are good for only one game!

I wish another all-white TE stick had been marketed in the US besides the Femme Fatale stick but that’s all that was released in the States. The prototyped PS3 all-white Asian TE never got a release… I’m still thinking MS paid for an exclusive Asian release of the all-white stick.

I ended up painting my original R1 all-white (center black plastic with white vinyl spraypaint) and haven’t looked back. Something about that stick being all-white with the original buttons and faceplate… It looks really good that way! I might eventually replace the original artwork with an Art Hong white plexi with customized artwork on it.


If you’re changing the art, there is a bit of a difference between TE and TE-S. TE has a bezel, and the art is glued to the metal control panel. TE-S has no bezel, and the art is on a piece of plastic that covers the whole top of the stick. If you’re planning on getting plexi, it shouldn’t be an issue, but if not, I think the TE would be easier to change out the art.


Don’t scare like that.
Exact same for both TE and TE S.
Just that the TE S has more glue is all.

There is no issue with any.