Which Fightstick should I get

Should i wait for the street fighter x tekken one due to the fact it will be newer and it could be put together better than what’s already out and the possibility of a bundle or settle for what’s out now?

at first i thought you said “fishstick”

I tear it up with fishsticks

fusion > quanba > te

first two are dual ready out of the box. personally I hate quanba’s layout, and since the fusion is sold out since ever and restocks are sparsley I’d get the TE which is just as good, but either for 360/pc OR ps3, unless you dual mod it (aint that hard, costs around 30 bucks or something, in this case get the 360 one as basis).

you recommend any sites for a lower price on the TE?

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god forbid new people join a website…

God forbid someone reads an faq that clearly says “read this before asking questions”.

what a warm community i appreciate the welcome fellas

also i wasn’t aware that existed so i obviously didn’t get a chance to read it although i do appreciate your less than useful input that our slightly less surly colleague covered for me

Well, you really should read the FAQ stuff or use the search function before posting.

I own a MadCatz TE on my PS3 and a HRAP for my 360 and I prefer the HRAP to be honest. Just feels better to me.

Well it really wasn’t standing out to be noticed and it’s nicer to hear personal opinions rather than a list of facts thanks for your input

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The sticky that people have linked you( SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Arcade Stick FAQ (Read this before asking questions) ) has a thread with reviews of like every stick ever. Check it out here: