Which fingers for which buttons?

Yo I recently started playing KOF on stick (played it first on pad, then went over to capcom’s stuff when I first got my stick, now I’m coming back). Mostly for reasons that I want to be used to this setup when I see the games in the arcade (and for purist reasons), I use the setup

With this button configuration, do you generally hit A with your thumb and D with your ring finger, or A with your index and D with your pinky? Or mix it up?

My main thing is that while it’s weird using my thumb for jab, it’s also weird using my pinky for sweep.

I usually prefer not to use this layout for KOF, but I would use my thumb for A and ring finger for D.

Hmm thnx. Other option I guess is to just move around a little bit, just using my 3 middle fingers. After all I let my buttons share fingers in SF

Yeah, I do what Dr. Grammar said. It just takes time and experience to break in with it.

The old school layout is generally more comfortable and ergonomic for those that like minimal movement and ease but box is more familiar to those that play other fighting games like Street Fighter (although old school MVS style is kinda similar to Guilty Gear though.) I’ve seen people do just fine with box and do the same executional stuff within their own comfort so it’s just preference in the end.

ABCD Is what I prefer for HRAP/TE format…
BD - -

AC - for Agetec.

I have an arcade cab that uses the capcom 6 button layout. I don’t know why, but this seemed the most logical for the neo geo


And I press D withy thumb. This allows for a fast response time, and easy combinations. I’ve seen this layout as an alternate configuration select on a Blaz Blue arcade machine as well. I never cared for the original neo geo 4 button layout because it was designed to be used with your fingers not thumb, but the thumb reacts quicker than the pinky finger.


i use …


you can use it for supper speedy play


Is the closest to the original layout, so that is also what I use.

I have a 6 buttons stick so i just use my index middle and ring finger for the upper buttons (ABC) and use my thumb to hit the button below A (LK in street fighter)

So far I stuck with


This is what I use as well. Before this I used my index, middle, and ring for A, B, C respectively and then my pinky on D. After a while I noticed that my pinky wasn’t the best for precise execution, so I started using the same positioning as Razor96 mentioned. The thumb is much better for mashing than the pinky is :slight_smile: