Which forward moving attacks are punishable on block? (USF4)


Could someone please list some examples of which forward moving attacks are punishable on block? By forward moving attacks I mean stuff like Bisons scissor kicks and Ibukis slide attack.

I never really bothered to learn character specific stuff like this in the past and I feel it could probably help me improve at SF a ton if I knew which of these attacks I can punish on block.

I don’t expect one person to list every single punishable forward moving attack, although that would be great if someone took the effort to do that. Even if you just mention one attack it would help a lot.


That’s really dependent on what character you are using because of range and speed. You would be best off asking in the character specific forum for whoever you’re using.


Yeah, I feel stupid for not noticing that lol. Thanks for the help


This is exactly where frame data comes in, just look at that.