Which free video capture software for sf5?


i own dxtory but for whatever reason it doesn’t work with sf5 anymore so i am seeking a new, this time free,
video capture software which delivers good quality but isn’t eating to much of resources.

any recommendation?

Moved: Which free video capture software for sf5?

What’s your video card? If you’re on Nvidia then you might be able to use Shadowplay.


amd hd7870


Try AMD Gaming Evolved. It should come bundled with most AMD drivers.

Either that, or you could use one of the ff.
XSplit GameCaster

Both GameCaster and FRAPS have some limits for free users though. GameCaster adds a watermark at anything over 720p. FRAPS on the other hand has 30 second recording limit.


tested out now xsplit and the overlay doesnt work in sf5 either.
seems i have to test out obs.

edit - deactivated the steam overlay to see if that might be the issue and it seems to be so.
have to try now dxtory out to see if that made some issues there too.

strange thing…with other games and steam overlay enabled it didnt made issues.


I use plays.tv and it is pretty good. Doesn’t give me any slowdowns recording at 720p/30fps. I think that’s the new app a lot of AMD cards get you to try.


can you post a match which you have captured with it? want to see how the quality is.


Not sure if you still need footage, but here you go. I have a R9 270. At first I started with 480p because using other programs such as fraps had a big impact on my PC performance so I didn’t think my PC could handle recording. But I tried out plays tv and it worked great for me. Up’d the quality to 720p/30fps and don’t notice any performance issues.




how are you having problems with Xsplit and SFV? I use Xsplit every week


the issue is already fixed as i wrote above.
i had to disable the steam overlay for it to work.