Which game do you do better custom combos in, A3 or CVS2

I’ve been thinkin about this most of the past week.

After playing sfa3 and cvs2 I’ve noticed a major difference in the custom combo shit that happens. So which one do you do better at a3 or cvs2? Personally I think cvs2 is more for beginners for custom combo people cause it’s more easier to pull off shit in that game. While a3 requires skill to do some shit, but thats just me…

A3 custom comboes are fun to watch, but the unblockables are lame. CvS2 comboes are not so fun to watch. Sho, sho, sho, sho, sho, sho…etc… the cc’s in both games take skill though.

SFEX2, which is a mix of Z3 and CVS2.

And how many unblockables are there in Z3?

there’s one every character. theorectically.

That is true in cvs2 you can bored seein some a-groove user doin the same custom combo all the time on you. What sucks about cvs2 is that they took out the infinties for the custom combo shit. Like for sagat and vega, you no longer could do akuma’s shit from a3 which also sucked as well. A3 had better cc’s and shit to do but they were hard. Damn why did capcom take out that shit in cvs2.

huh what? youre joking right?

okay I get your point they were kind of cheap if you they were done on you but they were also sweet if you could execute them. Maybe they did need to take out vega’s and sagat’s but they didn’t have to take out akuma’s custom combos. Dat shit was hella good to execute and owned, shit even zangief was good to use in a3 with v-ism.

I think that CCs hurt more in cvs2

Just to add to this: Unblockables aren’t inescapable in A3 (you can escape them). And they were more effective if the character had a cross-up, which not every character did. The only true unblockable-inescapables required your opponent to have no meter, but Juni and V-Dan could escape anything for free.

I always preferred the max mode custom combos from KOF to be honest

I thought custom combos were better in A3 but when i had it i didnt use it much and still dont cause it is stopped by 1 attack.

But in a3 you get a shadow and depending which button you press its closer or farther away.

Cvs2 there is no shadow you can just cancel everything immediatetly.

Shadow hit is too good.

Word…they were a “feature” as opposed to this custom gimmick crap.

I think that SF@3 is ten times better than CVS2.

This statement is so wrong on so many levels…

i believe the best custom combo is “genei jin”(very balance and does damage on some occasion), 2nd best would definitly be A-groove(cvs2) and excell mode(sfex2)