Which game got the best Hardest mode?

I know you guys got a knowledge for Fighting games. I wanna know, in your years of experience for fighting games, which one had the best ‘’ I dont wanna play anymore ‘’ Hardest mode? If you have a specific one, let me know.

Oh yeah, and tell me why it’s the best…

American Super Turbo, hands down. Most criminally hard AI in a fighting game ever IMO.

Street fighter 2 Hyper.

Fucking AI how do you know when im going to jump?

i agree.

Street Fighter II

I wouldn’t call the SFII AI smart, just hard. the game is simple, so easier to lose to the AI in a sense. some of the 3D AIs can be really “smart” fucken Tekken, Soul Calibur, and Virtua Fighter…

Vf2 expert mode on the saturn, enough said

Any VF or snk games. Bosses in the SNK series are just cheap…

SNK games


art of fighting 2

if you’re a noob you won’t even pass the second character

Most of the time everything leading up to the bosses is a cakewalk though. American ST is ridiculous throughout.

Art of Fighting 2 had that silly little AI glitch (Throw > Fireball on wakeup > Dizzy > Throw repeat) but I guess without using that its a hard game. Eiji would give unfamiliar players nightmares. I’ll still say American ST is worse, considerably.

Edit: Hienshippukyaku spam also beats most of the AoF2 AI and with the crazy input buffer any random dude could do it.

st ai is just stupid hard not good hard

You got a point right there…
Had a hard time playing against Chun-Li, Dee Jay, T.Hawk and Guile.

All of you are wrong, the hardest FG AI ever is Tekken 2 on the hardest difficulty. You MIGHT beat the very first guy, MIGHT.

This thread title is making me giggle almost uncontrollably.

I’m going to say any game that has Shin Akuma mode in it… or any game that allows you to reach Shin Akuma, for that matter.

So far, ST, Tekken, and SNK games were said.

id have to say shin amuka mode in a2 console is pretty beastly


though not CvS2…I’m a CvS2 scrub and I just spam him with Dan…

And Geese would rape them… if they ever reached him of course.