Which game had a character that looked like Smurf?

The other thread can be deleted please, because it was getting very hazy.
The game in question has this character that

-looked like Smurf (vaguely) (this one: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/9c/Smurf1.gif)
-he was short
-he was not a main character (ie Ryu/Ken)
-think he was not a good guy

The game

-was in the 90s (probably around 93-96)
-was Japanese (may not have been released in the US)
-was not a beat-them-up like Final Fight, but one on one (ie Street Fighter)

I am not sure about the character’s abilities and moves being a blob. But I just remember that he was not normal (ie Ryu/Guile).
Thank you for the people that have already suggested some names.
I don’t think its a famous game outside Japan. Does anyone know the Yu Yu Hakusho games on Super Famicon? If not, you may not know the game I’m trying to name.
Does anyone have any idea? Know any game that has a character that looks vaguely like Smurf?

Ppf, I know what you’re talking about. It’s Mace: The Dark Age. Ragnar’s alt costume:


I dunno where you’re getting this “Japanese” game business from but whatever game you may have been thinking of, discard it from your brain and replace with Mace: The Dark Age - where you can whoop on various medieval, mythological, demonic and plain silly enemies with a dual-axe-wielding Papa Smurf.

Just had a look at that pic.
Thanks, but thats not it…
The game I was talking about doesnt look like that style.
Also, the character I had in mind, is much shorter. That guy is too tall.

Blue Urien from Third Strike.

Jesus fucking christ, not this type of topic again… where you get people to guess over and over and keep telling them “no… no… no…” Try banging your head against the wall, maybe it’ll come to you.

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It was Neg Rep 2.

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SRK is not the acronym for Scrub Research Kommittee

do a little research for yourself… its honestly not going to kill you

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Potemkin in Guilty Gear.

golden axe the duel

Huckleberry Hound - Hanna Barbera vs Capcom

I did try to research myself. Looked throught dozens of games and couldnt find it.
I am guessing that theres not much information and detail about this game in english language (japanese game).
Was hoping some hardcore fighting gamer of the 90s might have played this game. Since it was 90s, it might have been a Sega game, Sega was still doing those games at that time.

I disagree.
He was definitely thinking of Jabberjaw,
a higher tier and more distinctive character.