Which game has faster speed, HDR or HF?

I need to know, it’s been irritating me as of late!


ST/HD is definitely faster. HF only has a reputation for being fast because of the easily selectable turbo in the console ports (esp. with the speed code), fast projectiles and other specials, inaccurately fast speed in all its emulated forms, and the ubiquitous (albeit valid) complaint about SSF2 being slower even though it came out later.

HDR imo

Yeah, I would say ST:HD too, don’t forget you can change the speed to make HD go faster, I think 3 is the default speed but it goes to 4? I think.

Do any of you all know what speed was tournament standard for HF? Has been bugging me for a while cause I sometimes do try to get into that game, but everyone plays at a different speed.

There was no legitimate way of changing the speed. No option, at least. If you have been playing it in emulators or in arcades with multiple games (which just run some emulator, too), know that many run the game at a too fast speed.

So which emulator runs Hyper Fighting at the correct speed? And how is the Street Fighter Collection Volume 2 version?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Hyper Fighter is faster, or it appears faster than Remix. This is comparing to the emulators though. I remember the arcades being roughly the same speed.

IMO HF was slightly faster than Super Turbo/HDR, which is a good thing, i always thought HF overshot the sweet spot for pace just slightly.
AFAIK the arcade board was coverclocked or made to run even faster somehow at a lot of arcades when it was out, like oldschool_BR has posted, which basically meant that everything was a bit faster again, which meant game over quicker, which meant more money for the arcade owner cos the line moved faster.Back in them days street fighter spelled Big Money for arcade owners, and they weren’t above dodgy practises like that to bring in the moolah.

I played a lot of HF on the SNES, and the pal version (europe) was a little slower than the standard arcade board, so i used the speed code to bump it up to 5 stars, (from the 4 max without the code) and it felt just about right compared to the arcade.Super street fighter 2 was a big disappointment in terms of speed, it was like going back to low gravity street fighter, but then SSF2T came out and it was PERFECT.

According to the first post in the HF thread, Callus and Neo Final Burn Alpha would play it at the correct speed:

Exactly, and ST(from X T2 to ST T3)/HD is faster as zass had already timed. People seriously need to lay off relying on their poor memories and emulation; post when you know, not when you want to make a guess.

I played HF on a friend’s cab a couple days ago and i seriously asked if he didn’t put in CE by mistake. I didn’t know it was that slow when not emulated.