Which game is best for you

now when i mean best for you i mean which street fighter you prefer over other street fighter game if you like short straight to the point fighting no fancy stuff you should play super street fighter turbo or if you like to use new inventive ways of getting out throws and overcomeing supers third strike is the best for you i prefer st cause nice simple quick

Well, I love Capcom vs. SNK 2 although I don’t think that counts as “Street Fighter”. And I’ve never played 3rd Strike (though I want to…badly).

So I’ll have to say that Street Fighter II Turbo is best for me. Yeah, I know Super and Super Turbo are more advanced and have more tweaks (not to mention are still actively played)…but Turbo just has a better feel for me.

I would have to say Street Fighter Alpha 3.

capcom vs snk 2

Guilty Gear, probably because I have the most experience with it compared to other games.

guilty gear

My favorite so far is 3rd strike.

arcana heart & garou

yeah ok :rofl:

In all honesty, Hyper Fighting or Super Turbo. Most of the SF games are excellent, but those are the two that I have no qualms about whatsoever.

do we really need another ‘whats ur favorate fite game’ thread?

If there’s anything Capcom fans like, it’s getting the same thing over and over again.

No lube at all! :rofl:

Guilty Gear



Time Killers

CvS2 is still one of my better games for some reason, I don’t have to worry about insane tick throws or too many command throws.


I’d say 3S has pretty much everything I need.

:rofl: Win :rofl:

3s… it’s probably the deepest and most methodical game out there in terms of gameplay. mvc2 is deep as well but I can’t seem to stay hooked on it like 3s. cvs2 is good… It just doesn’t excite me as much as the others, don’t know why.