Which game is closer to SNK's answer to 3s?

The two top candidates are as follows:

1 - Garou: Mark Of The Wolves
It appears as if the graphics were about as advanced as that of Third Strike. That alone says something. Also, the same way that 3s is 10 years after Street Fighter 2, MOTW is 10 years after Fatal Fury 2. It is also the “evolution of the series”; by that I mean that there are few returning characters, and a lot of new characters. As you know, in 3s there are only 4 returning characters, and the only character returning in MOTW is Terry Bogard. It seems rather likely that SNK made this game as the answer to 3s. (Or was 3s Capcom’s answer to this? Dunno which one was made first) Also, the same way that 3s has parrying, MOTW has the Just Defense system.

2 - Power Instinct Matrimelee
The same way 3s has Ryu/Ken/Akuma(/Sean?) and Yang/Yun, Matrimelee has Tane/Ume (Kung-fu grannies ftw), Shintaro/Buntaro, etc. The graphics are also pretty hardcore in this game…not exactly 3s quality but it’s close. It seems that also, the same way 3s improved on the SFII system, Matrimelee improved on the KOF system. Another thing, the same way Gill is the superior sibling of Urien, Sissy is the superior sibling of Clara. I’m pretty sure SNK made this after Capcom made 3s, so if Garou isn’t the answer to it, this is.

Garou:MOTW and I thought this would be commen knowledge already.^^

Terry vs see the Shotos in SF3, both are aged a bit, so…
timeline went on
JD vs Parry
look at the time this game was made …

I think most people will say Garou is SNK’s 3s. I was actually thinking of this yesterday while doing laundry. Weird…

Yeah, without question I would say Garou. Not only is it a quality game, but it’s time-frame is similar.

Garou: Mark Of The Wolves is the 3s of SNK, definitely

You don’t know how many ties I’ve said Garou was SNK’s 3rd Strike. Imo, it’s the only SNK game that truely stands out as unique, balanced and origional, just like Capcom’s 3s.

Matrimelee isn’t SNK’s. They didn’t develop it. It’s by the same guys that did Rage of the Dragons.

And Garou was the direct counter to SF3. Period. There’s no room for discussion really. Especially if you consider how close the two companies got around CvS/SvC time.

Hey what is Matrimelee & who made it?
I would want to see it before making a comment.

Garou is the only answer.

Although if SNK hadn’t half assed the Samurai Shodown game for PSX, then that would be up there as well.

i dont like snk fighters at all. but snk really outdid themselves with motw. fantastic game! and like saotome said, no room for discussion, its obvious that its snk’s 3s. too bad the game never really took off, i would had liked to seriously play the game

SNK who?

Garou = SNK took their R & D department findings and visualization waaay too seriously. FF on steroids tactically. The TOP system was really something old. Remember the flashing life bar? Without the super and add a glowing presence for the character with hightened abilities WITH the ability to choose when to have it = TOP system.

As stated previously:
Parry = Just Defend.
Personal Actions = TOP system type abilities. E Gouki has a power increase after each P.A. he does.

Too bad SNK didn’t throw in a CPU training function or Just Defend training in this title. Survival will hold me over until MOTW 2 shows face.

…that went well.

Garou, no contest, no room for discussion, claimed both by players and history (the common points between 3s and MotW are no coincidence…)

As for Matrimelee, beyond the fact that it is not an SNK game, my question is “Are you on crack?”. What in Matrimelee is close to 3s? Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the game for what it is : a good casual fighter… but there’s no comparison with 3s : no parry, no EX moves, no kara-cancel, no special abilities like with the taunts, a burst-like spark when meter is filled, freebies like playing with the referee or even fast-inputting a roulette during taunts, not to mention a far less deep engine in general, and a totally non-serious atmosphere, charas, storyline and everything.

wasn’t MOTW developped by some ex-Capcom guys?

In other news, Samsho tenka is superb. Best game I’ve ever played.

Garou was that shit… game should have had a bigger scene

Garou could still make a comeback(?). it took a while before 3s really got popular.

EXs do exist in matrimelee… You have to dash in order to do them. Matrimelee is closer to Darkstalkers then it is to SF3…

Garou MOTW

Garou could still make a comeback, it’s a solid game. It just needs something to happen like SFAC & the Daigo parry.

MOTW is SNK’s third strike… done and done