Which game is easiest to get started on?

I recently decided I wanted to get serious about fighting games. I bought most all of the big name fighters recently, and im ready to dive and start learning combos and mix-ups and all that good stuff. Which game is best to get started on, coming from the point of before i only buttons mashed? maybe whichever has the best tutorial or easiest learning curve or something.
I have Skullgirls (which im probably best at right now), SSFIVAE, UMvC3, SFxT, Tekken 6, SC4 and BlazBlue CS.
I dont know if that is an easily answered question, i just wanted to learn fighting games and wanted to know which one.
thanks for your time. :slight_smile:
EDIT: oh, and the new mortal kombat. and SF2. i have those also.

The “easiest” game to start out with is one where you have a huge community (= bigger likelihood to meet other beginners, easy access to tutorials, etc) and an actual way to play at all times (= playable online and/or local scene for that particular game).
SF4 is probably your best bet.

Though personally - Rather than what the easiest game to start out with, I’d look at what’s the most fun for me.
If you’re currently the best at SG, I’d assume it’s the one you played the most so far, so probably the one you like the most. Why not just stick with that, then?
If you want to become any good at any FG, it will always be a rocky road - the first steps being a bit harder in one game won’t make any difference in the long run.

Also: Smaller communities usually are very happy with new people and embrace them - personal teaching sessions and the like. This isn’t necessarily not happening in bigger games, but in general it’s less homely and you’re more of “another guy”.

That makes sense. I’ll most likely look into that one, i just haven’t tried all the characters yet.

I haven’t necessarily played SG the most. Probably MvC3 when it first came out, i was rather good at that, just haven’t played it in a while.
I was just wondering if there was one that was specifically easier to start out on. If it’s just a case of just pick one and stick with it, i’ll probably go SG and UMvC3.
Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:
If there are sections for both of those games on srk, I’ll just look at those while i’m waiting for my sanwa buttons to get here. :smiley:

Stay the hell away from Marvel 3, if you like playing at all, it was the first modern fighting game I played and I could literally put the controller down and see my character die, street fighter may be hard as tits for me, but it isnt as much bullshit as marvel.

Really? That was the first fighter i really got into and within a couple of weeks i could do some good air combos switching characters in mid air and including x-factor. granted, i was no pro, but i could stand a chance online.

One problem may be getting used to other fighting games after MvC3, since there were only L, M, and H instead of 3 punches and 3 kicks. MvC3 was somewhat meant to appeal to “casual players” but in trying that it made the game way easier for everyone else who was used to MvC2

Nah, I may be completely nooby to the competitive side of fighters and being good at them, but i still play skullgirls just fine, so a matter of different button set up isnt a problem.

It can become a problem if you try to take on too many games at once. If you have all of those games, you should try to learn them. Go to training mode and try out some command list combos or specials (depends on which game) You may not learn them all but you’ll get used to timing and inputs that can help overall. You’ll also probably get a feel for which one you want to go deeper into.

SF4 is good for beginners, but ultimately you should just play the game that you think is the most fun regardless of complexity. You won’t care if its hard if you’re having a good time playing it.

I agree with wiredgod —>

Thanks for the help all. :slight_smile:
wiredgod, I know i would just end up playing the one i have most fun with, but from a complete noob standpoint, I didnt know which would be the best for basics. So maybe i’ll screw around in SFIV then when i get better focus on SG or something.

I found persona 4 helped me with playing SG by forcing me to learn how to IAD. The 9-6 joystick movement allows almost instant overheads with Filia, Val, and Ms Fortune. It’s much faster than pressing two punch buttons to air dash

SF4 and Marvel are both good choices. Don’t listen to the scrub salt about marvel.

Like vulpes said, the most important thing is having a community to play with.

Persona 4 Arena.

Great game to start with. Recommending it to friends who are interested in getting into fighters.

Persona 4A, AE or Call of Duty.

Easiest to get into would be the one with the best community around you.

Doesn’t mean biggest, means earnest…est? (most earnest, go for sincere?)

Out of the games you listed, SG and BB, both have comprehensive training modes that will teach you near everything you need to know about the game and it’s mechanics, you won’t be stuck asking “what just happened” for the most part, because there are either sound or visual indicators in BB’s case.

Scrub salt? Really?

Yes, really. Do you have anything meaningful to post or are you trying to collect warnings?

Warnings for what i did nothing wrong? I posted my opinion based on the experienceI had with marvel 3 and suggested SSFIV. So really if you give me a warning becuase you dont like what im saying, then you are just being an asshole for no reason.

I would play skull girls first out of any fighting game in the world. Skull girls will teach you how to play a fighting game. I got better at most fighting games after playing skull girls.