Which game is more random, Marvel or Smash?

I hate to be one of those guys that makes lame polls, but I’m having a disagreement with my roommates. I’m talking about standard Arcade/DC Marvel vs Smash with tournament rules.

Man I have to keep it real Smash is pretty Random.

Especially playing vs. Samus…I fucking hate her. That fucking bitch…I want to put antifreeze in her helmet!!!:mad:

The game where the items come out of fucking nowhere?

You know whats random? Farting. How can you tell if one’s coming if its not from you? Talk about unpredictable. Everybody does it but no one expects it. People are so outta sync with their environment.

Anyway Marvel isn’t random among good players. Most of the things that happen, happens because the player chose to push that button to trigger whatever event. Marvel can only be random if the player(s) are button mashing.

Smash… I dunno. Items popping outta nowhere, people trading swords for bats and flowers… Solid Snake… Pretty random? Possibly.

Tourney rules = NO ITEMS

I don’t know about Smash, but how can Marvel be random when only like 5 guys can ever win majors?

Actually, don’t Ken and PC Chris win like everything in Smash? :confused: I don’t think either is really very random…

I’m talking about random things happening in game play.

You’re officially one of those guys that makes stupid polls to prove something to their crazy friends who won’t shut up about stuff they don’t know about. Great. I love you. No homo.

DAMN IT!!!111111111

In their defense, they know what they’re talking about, but I’m in the minority in this argument.

Who says? Smashboards? Because we’re the guys who took Smashboards’ lunch money in the 3rd grade. (OH EXCUSE ME, I MEAN CASH BATTLE)

Your friends don’t know what they’re talking about because there really isn’t a right or wrong answer to this. At least not enough to justifiably be like…oh yeah that game is definitely more random. I mean…what the hell is wrong with a game being a little random any ways? That’s why everyone plays 3rd Strike. :lol:

Evo tourney rules…:wonder:

No problems with it being random, I love both games! It’s just a question


Will that ever get old? Yes. But I’ll say it anyway.

But yeah, there really isn’t anything totally “random” about MVC2. And SSBM has Game and Watch. So yeah…SSBM.

This better be the last and final time Marvel and smash are ever compared. Different games. Smash is not even worthy of licking the sweat off of Marvel’s nut suck. Please believe.

There are no random games, only random players. You should know this by now.

i just want to say bowling pin’s avatar is the greatest avater in all of creation and deviljin just took your side, mark. that should tell you something.

Smash’s randomness usually stems from the appearance of Items and the stages themselves. Though I wouldn’t know damn shit about Smash tournament rules, as I never cared to play smash on tournament play.

I beg to differ. After seeing high level play in both games. There is without question that not only is Smash worthy of being compared to Marvel. But Smash is more technical than Marvel as well. Just advanced movement in Smash is hard as it is. And every single move in the game has to be canceled (L Cancel) to build up momentum in the fight. Have u ever listened to people play Smash? And I don’t mean players talking, I mean button inputs. It’s crazy! No wonder they were pretty much forced to allow Smash into EVO 07. It’s the highest rated fighting game in the entire country…every noob and pro plays it. Weather it’s for fun or comp. Tournaments for this game take damn year a year. Because there are so many people who participate.

Just imagine if all these people who play smash…played 3S, Arcana, or Marvel…your tournaments would be twice as long.

I mean I was one of those people who said Smash is pretty random…but my reasoning behind it is pretty much my experience vs. Samus. Who to me should be at least top 3 in Melee. She has auto guard, missiles, range, probably the best edge guard in the game, amazing recovery, and almost no bad matchups. So what makes her Random…the fucking Auto guard…since to me no one else in the game has it. Oh and by the way it takes like 20 years to kill her…gay…so homo!

But anyways…with Brawl coming out and internets…just watch and see how…Smash will be compared to Marvel…when Marvel will NEVER have as many people playing in its tournaments and Brawl will double in entry size…

Let me be the first to say I told yha so…LMAO!!!

Marvel’s not really random, more systematic. It’s very well structured and most things are actually intended, no matter how random they look…

Samus is random. why? because shes my main.

Smash. Marvel is random but just not as much.