Which game!? need help bad


So im new to this whole fighting scene but from watching streams im hooked and want to play now. should i get super street fight 4 or ultimate marvel vs capcom3? to get into the competitive scene as soon as posible which one would be best? or just get both?


Get both but if your limited on money…
( In badass ssfae announcers voice) “Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade edition!” Press start.


lololol ill get both but wait which street fighter do i get? the arcade edition >?




The releases of SFIV go like this;

Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (which got a free patch to be 2012 version).

If you buy the disc version of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition you’ll be good to go.


^ That’s right on the money. Just remember, these games aren’t new anymore. Prepare to lose since you’re new and keep a cool head. Retail arcade edition is like $25 used I believe.


Naw its 20 new at gstop


Street Fighter 4 is slower and will make more sense (probably).
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is faster and more likely to get you addicted (it’s also known as “dat crack”). It’s more likely to be considered “button mashy” and probably less likely to make sense (even though it’s not random).

Marvel is more likely to be “fun” if you just want to press buttons. More explosions, more things cancel into each other, bigger combos. Street Fighter is more likely to be less… annoying if everything has to make sense to you. Not entirely true, but true enough.

The numbers for each game are about the same. Different areas have different mentalities of which game they prefer. I would HEAVILY recommend going to the regional matchmaking sub-forum here: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?categories/regional-matchmaking.110/ and finding local gaming groups in the area. That is THE FASTEST WAY to level up. You’ll also make new friends and have people to talk to things about. Oh and they’ll let you know about upcoming local events. Win, Win, Win!


I agree with the post above me. I’m way better at SF4 because I’ve put in a ton of time into learning the system and practicing my characters but I can’t seem to shake the fact that Marvel is just a blast. I suck at Marvel but I find myself coming back time and time again to it.


persona 4 - fresh start and everything.

out of those two I’d recommend SSF4:AE to get a feel for Fighting Games in general. MVC3 can be hard to grasp and seems too random.


Marvel isn’t random. It’s just harder and characters have more BS tools. Playing Marvel is roughly equivalent to playing against a mixup happy Blanka all day. Neither one is really random, but if you can’t keep up, it’ll just be a frustrating mess. From there you either have to tame the beast or give it up (or be content with losing all day).


Persona 4 Arena & Divekick

The key word here it’s “seems”, he is not saying that it is random, but for the untrained eye it can be seen as it