Which game should I buy? Battle for the Best!

I am stuck. I am okay with price, types, games, everything. I just don’t know which 1 of the 3 fighting games I want. These are my choices:

1.) Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
Marvelous game. I love the gameplay, I love the artwork, the characters, the specials, I love it all. The difficulty is that it is extremely difficult to get in memorable combos when you can basically just mash and somehow manage a combo or two. The game is an absolute blast to play from all of the choices and mix-and-match characters to fight together.

2.) Mortal Kombat 9
I have not played this game yet, but I have always loved Mortal Kombat. It’s scenery and characters are great. The game looks very fun, but the CON of this game seems to be that I am more used to the motion controls, where there are quarter circles and half circle motions and dragon punches (Ex: Street Fighter, MvC3), so maybe the extra control training for MK9 would be worth it to learn and train with.

3.) Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
Yes, I know, it’s a long shot from a side-by-side, controlled, fighting game, but this one really caught my eye, and my interest. I LOVE the gameplay. It is extremely fun, the character choices are huge, and the game is an over all great game. It sucks me in for a game. Alas, I only played the demo, but it was wonderful the whole time. Even the quicktime events are fun.

Give any suggestions or preferences on which game would be the best choice to buy and for what reason to get it over the other two choices. Or even just narrow it down to 2 choices if you want.

What do you suggest…

Any of the 3. None of them take priority over the others. So I just want to see what the people’s choices are so I can narrow it down or pick one from demand.

If you have ever played a fighting game before with even minimum proficiency, you will not have a hard time doing special moves in MK9. They’re basically simplified Street Fighter inputs.

It’s a better approach than what they did with SF4 (retardedly complicated inputs + lenient command parsing = Ken desperately mashing out DP->FADC->Super, or whatever).

So which game do you think piques your interest the most…

MK9. **Good **netcode, a ton of offline content, almost every character is viable, more content and characters coming. Etc. Just an all-around good purchase. Even if you’re not familiar with the way MK plays it doesn’t take very long to adjust.

I’d wait on MVC3, the likelyhood of Capcom releasing a Marvelous MVC3 is pretty likely considering.

Again. None of them take priority over the others. At all. Each have their pro’s and con’s, but none of them are better than one another. They all look amazingly fun in every way to me. I just don’t know which one to buy. I have limited myself to choosing one. It would just be better to post an answer.

MK has by far the best single player “story” mode of any fighting game I’ve ever played. They really put to shame other fighters in this category. It’s special moves are, like previously mentioned, similar enough to SFIV that if you have played SFIV you will have any easy time transitioning. Netcode has improved significantly but there is a wonky desync issue which I think is still somewhat common.

From my experience MK has the best value proposition of the 3 (I love MvC3 gameplay but the package is pretty barebones and Naruto from what I’ve played just doesn’t do it for me although it has a sort of pseudo RPG mode that seems pretty lengthy). Of course gameplay you’ll have to decide on your own.

Well, no one can answer this for you, we can only give opinions. I personally like MvC3 much more than MK9 but I like both. Im sure other people will post the opposite. I doubt anyone will rep that Naruto game though.

Bloody Roar.

More balanced then MVC3.

You can get all of them for the price of MK9.

And its Japanese like Naruto but has furries so doubly weaboo.

Bloody Roar IS a great game series. Now I feel like I need to do that some day lol.


I would go with Marvel vs Capcom 3 out of the those 3 but that’s because I play it a ton even though X-Factor gets on my nerves.
But with rumours of a Super Marvel vs Capcom 3 it might be best to wait it out.

It depends on how involved you are with the FG scene overall. If you have a keen desire to compete in tournaments and establish yourself a regular member of SRK’s community, I’d definitely recommend MvC3.

However, if competition isn’t appealing to you, then I’d say pick whatever you feel will give you the most enjoyment for your money.

Well I would say “Marvel Vs. Capcom 3” is a good option, because it is a game which makes us feel the game and never shorten of excitement as well.

but Bloody Roar 4 is a horrible pile of shit why would i want that

I can’t really speak on MVC3 and MK9 but what do find interesting about NUNS2 because online plays nothing like single player.


stop making people who actually play bloody roar look bad D:

It’s the new thing MK9 players are doing.

It’s hard to imagine that all three games are perfectly even in your mind, but assuming they are, then just write each title down on a piece of paper, throw them into a hat, and draw one out. If they are all as even as you say, it doesn’t matter which you pick, it will be an amazingly fun game. I suspect that this is not the case, though, and what you are actually looking for are ways to differentiate the games from one another, so you buy the ‘right’ one. I could be wrong. Either way, there are too many haters and trolls on SRK to get a valid opinion, leaving it to chance is your best bet.