Which game should I get if I want to play online?


I already have SSF4 AE 2012, but after watching a few fighting tourneys I’ve decided that I’m interested in branching out into new games.

So between SFxT, UMVC3, SCV, KOF XIII, MK, and Skullgirls, which game should I pick up if I want to be able to play online and have a decent experience while doing so.

Note that I will be playing on PS3, and I live in Toronto, (basically north of Buffalo for those who don’t know) just in case that affects anything.


Get them all :slight_smile: If you play online more than in real life get UMvC3 and SFxT, there is always tons of people online for those games, SCV is OK online, KOF is a bit of a wait to find a match, Skull Girls is cheap so get it just because. MK can be a pain if you want to play one of the DLC charaters and the bum you play does not have it you can’t choose them. One you are leaving out of your list is VF5, that game has about the best online experiences I’ve had. A warning about UMvC3, if you are playing on a laggy monitor/TV UMvC3 will make you want to punch a puppy. Keep an eye on the “EVO” Asus monitor, they go on sale all the time and you should be able to save $40 on it http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236059
I’m from Michigan btw, PSN id is ahdonye


If you’re playing on PS3 I can’t really recommend any of those games. I have a PS3 as well and while the skill levels aren’t too different, if you’re looking for really good people - the majority are on XBox, that fee means you play to win I guess. So in all of these recommendation they come with a footnote of: the community will be a little smaller.

SFxT - Fun, but the netplay isn’t forgiving of anything less than stellar connections.
UMvC3 - Frustrating to learn if you’re diving into ranked battles without any primer. Probably the most “solid” choice of this list. Personally Marvel is the most fun I can have with a fighting game, but SF4 is my favorite/better fighting game - don’t know how to reconcile those two thoughts at once.
KoF XIII - I hear the netplay is absolutely garbage, and there is nobody online. I have it for PS3 and I’ve never attempted to play online.
Skullgirls - Pretty decent online play.

MK9 - No idea, heard nothing bad - but then you’re playing MK9, which is embarrassing in it’s own right.
SCV - No idea, heard nothing bad about it.

SF4 seems to have the most “forgiving” netcode - and it looks like Marvel really borrows heavily from the same codebase, really stable connections. SFxT might be the sleeper hit that is building up steam (or it might just be Capcom Fighting Jam 2), and probably can be found for cheap now that everyone has abandoned it.

If you want to branch out into another game I’d say KoF XIII is the the more “rewarding” game to branch out to - but if you’re looking to play online I would recommend that game last, KoF is really a game you need to play in local versus to truly appreciate or level up.


This game has one of the best netcodes.


Ah yes I was planning to get this too actually.

the annoying this was I’m a playstation plus member, so I could have gotten it for free if I had just signed up a month earlier…


Best online experience?
[]Blazblue (CS:Extend is the most recent version)
Most players online?
]Skullgirls (? not sure)
Seriously, Blazblue is practically designed to play well online - the netcode is fantastic, and the input buffer is designed such that even the tightest links between normals / specials are 5 frames so not only are they fairly easy to learn, they aren’t very heavily affected by lag. There are some combos tighter than 5F, though, often involving dashes (ex: Mu’s throw can be followed up with 66A / dash f+a) or delays (several characters have combos which drop if done too quickly).

Persona 4 Arena is the same company as BBCS:Extend, and will probably also be great online for the same reasons.


SCV has a very solid online mode too if you are interested in that. If you stick to 4-5 bars you can really learn alot about the game and even do JF guards/attacks and react to lows online. However, if you play want to play in open lobbies and someone joins the lobby in the middle of the game, therell be a lag spike. Which will happen alot if its an open lobby with 4+ max players allowed. However, ive played 1000+ games on SCVs online and ive had mostly good expierences.
SFxT most if every game has had great connection, i dont have to be choosy when it comes to my opponents connection as long as they arent below the yellow. Not much input delay.
MK9 feels 50/50 on the games, sometimes bad sometimes solid. It isnt very execution heavy though for the most part so the online can sorta resemble offline.
Marvel kinda is ass online, uses a bad input delay based netcode and combined with the pace of the game can throw things down the crapper.
I have KOF but ive only played a couple games because the online pop is low, so i cant judge that.
If you play Skullgirls and get a good ping, its godlike and feels exactly like offline, something thats hard to replicate in fighting games online. Havent played in a while so im not sure about the population of players. Hopefully the update brings more people.


SCV and VF5 have great online. Marvel 3 has a pretty good online mode as well. Just got Skullgirls but I haven’t tried the online mode in that yet so I can’t comment on that yet.