Which game should I get?

Hi guys, my first post here, I’ve enjoyed fighting games for a long time now, and while I’m not that good at them, I really like to complete games with all characters, get all endings etc. So, most of the games I’ve played so far are 2D (MK,SF,MVC,Darkstalkers), and I’ve been looking for a 3D fighter, more specifically a Tekken or a Soul Calibur.
Unfortunately my budget is quite low now, so I cant buy the more recent ones and, as I own a PS2 and a X360 i’ve been looking at games for those platforms.I asked one of my friends, who is also a fighting game junkie, for suggestions and he pointed me to Tekken 5 and Soul Calibur III.
I’d like to hear your opinions about these games or any other 3D fighter that you reccomend, and if possible a brief description of them (how easy/hard it is to get into, if it has a lot of features, good story etc).
Thanks in advance!

you have virtua fighter 5 final showdown on 360? it’s a downloadable game