Which game to buy on pc?


Hello there forum,

I am new to this genre and I wanna buy a pc edition of SF4, SSF4 Arcade etc. To me the most important is the online community. Which one have the most online player up to date and surely i can use some recommends gameplaywise. Im on europe btw, thanks in advance, much love.




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AE obviously, i’m just waiting for stream to put it on sale again. It would be much easier to stream some ae or even marvel on the PC. Have to test how laggy though, but i just built a new rig with a 2nd gen i5, it should be fine.


this or you can wait for Skullgirls to arrive on PC, hopefully within 1 month. It will have a decent community for sure. Besides, the PC crowd is much better suited for such fighters (loli belongs to PC damned!). I’d suggest Blazblue too, but the PC version stuck at Calamity Trigger, so better leave it to the hardcore players.

it will be cheaper than SFIVAE, except if Capcom makes an offer again on SFIV and SFxTekkn when Skullgirls arrive, for competition’s sake. In that case you can get both cheaply.


If you don’t feel like waiting for AE to go on sale on Steam or Amazon or GamersGate, you can get a key for cheap elsewhere. This site, in particular, has been reliable:



Thx for the replies guys, much love…


I don’t think DOA5 is coming to the PC so… AE is about your only option.


Only $20 http://www.amazon.com/Super-Street-Fighter-IV-Arcade-Pc/dp/B0058AD0RM/ref=sr_1_3?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1348171916&sr=1-3&keywords=super+street+fighter+4+arcade+edition


But for not much get a used PS3 or Xbox360 and bring it to local gatherings. Local people are much better than online people.


Why haven’t we gone e-sports yet I don’t understand guys…