Which game to get?


I just finish building my very 1st arcade stick out of a plastic box and im really excited to get a fighting game on my PS3 to try it out but with the new street fighter x tekken that came out i dont know which to buy . Should i buy the enw street figter x tekken or street fighter iv ?Which has more online players ?



SFxT…doesn’t have the greatest of reps nowadays. It’s tournament representation outside of official CAPCOM events is likely to dwindle too after EVO. If you want a game that you can use as a launching point before getting into other games, then SF4 is probably the way to go. Then, after you can play that game pretty decently, get KOF.

…What? No vested interests here…


I’d say they are both somewhat equal in online population. SFIV might be a little bigger. I’d go with SFIV. Personally, I enjoy it much more than SFxT.


hmm, in before SFxT over run this thread. To be honest this seems like an obvious troll, assuming it isn’t and that this indeed your first attempt at fighting games, I say get SFxT. Personally I hate it, but it is much easier to play and is more catered towards new comers with and auto block system and easier inputs for flashy moves.

Be for warned if you get ssf4 you will lose allot, however if you get SFxT you will have to pay a certain amount of your paycheck every month for the rest of your life. Meh… how bout a nice RPG instead?.

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SFIV. SFxT is probably going to die off a bit as mentioned above.


It could be said that SFxT. Simply has not unlocked it’s full potential but. Most would question if it ever will. With that said upcoming patches. Promise to make improvements. Then again they may not have the desired effect. Still the game is worth looking into since. You could end up having fun.

SSFIV: AE 2012 is the safe bet. Many play it online. As well many will still be playing it. By this time next year. So you will have little trouble finding matches. Making it a good choice if you are looking for. A long term investment that you can. Really put your time and effort into.

Still at the end of the day. The choice is yours alone to make. At least there are plenty of match videos out there. As well as detailed information. To help make the choice easier. Since in the end it is about picking the game. That you will enjoy the most.




The skills you’ll pick up in SSF4 are skills that all 2D fighting games posses. It is also the most widely played on all platforms so you will have someone to spar again. The netcode is solid and the competition is still pretty stiff - it’s the main event at EVO every year for a reason.

SFxT is fun but it cannot live up to these standards, hopefully there will be a revival because it’s a neat game.


Both games are fun with a solid online player base. But like the other said, there’s currently some degree of hate towards SFxT, which may or may not reduce the pool of available players to play with online, whereas SF4 is still going on strong. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which game you enjoy playing the most.


Okay thanks guys :smiley: guess im gonna get SF4 then . And the only other fighting game i played was Blazblue .


dude to be honest, i’ll think you’ll have a hard time getting into it because the game has been out for 4years and theres very few beginners that play this game. if you have an offline scene that will accelerate the process of getting better but if you don;t idk what to tell you. But maybe i’m wrong im just stating my opinion


That’s not true at all. Online play is FULL of shitty players, scrubs, and trolls. There’s no shortage of competition that can help you level up your game.

Hell, I play ST, now THAT game literally has little-to-no beginner level players in the area, but even I’ve managed to get better as a player.


Thanks for the tips guys , i went to the game shop and bought the wrong street fighter i guess , failed . bought SFIV not the latest game . May i know which is the latest SFIV that came before SFxTekken ?

thanks :smiley:




super street fighter 4: arcade edition


super street fight arcade edition is the disc you are looking to buy…


Haha thanks alot :smiley:


And Ignore the anti SFxT trolls. The game is fun, has no shortage of players online. And is being played at tournys despite the crybaby 99%'ers bitching about haveing to buy the better gems.


I suggest SFxT. I think AE is boring.