Which game will you vote for EVO 2K5?

Since EVO is almost around the corner i was wondering what game will players vote for, what games they like, and what they think of the line up. Please post any suggestions and or ideas from you and if you had any other game in mind, please post. :tup:

DBZ Hyper Dimension. You know it would be fun :woot: .

Yeah me and my best ffriend (Samson) taked about that the other day, i would be good but not many techniques for it

Anybody here? I think not, thats kool

Street Fighter EX3, come on you know you want it more than DOAU :stuck_out_tongue:

KOF’02 for sure.

Kof 2002

vf4evo, fast game, one of the few that manages to wear out my wrists.

Kof2k2 for sure Snk Rules!!!

Vamp Savior. Game deserves it after all this time.
KOF2002 also gets a vote from me, I like the game. Sad to see if VF4 doesn’t make it this year though.

KOF 02 AES version.

KOF 2002 AES version

I don’t know why they don’t want to use the AES version of KOF2k2, the AES IS the home console version of the arcade MVS to begin with. -_-

I could have not said it better. The home console version of the MVS

Well good luck convincing MrWizard cause I haven’t heard/seen any posts of him changing his mind.

If at the end Mr. Wizard just keeps closing his mind to true facts then I guess we will have the tourney at the players lobby just like last year … make room !!! =P

Vampire Savior! That game’s definitely tourney worthy. Not saying the others aren’t (Besides MKD and DOA2U) but this game DEFINITELY needs a chance.


Whoa where did all these VS votes come from? totally threw off VF 4 Evo. Oh well thank god final tuned is supposedly going to be there anyway.

Change his mind on what?