Which Gate Is Harder?


I was wondering what gate is harder to use for which type of charecter. i.e. is it easier to use a charge charecter with a octo gate, then it is to use a shoryuken charecter with a square gate?

I use seth with a square gate but im getting used to it, i could switch now, but that would be a pain, i may if octo is better all around. what do you guys think?


In SSF4 I main Balrog and completely suck on anything non-square gate. I need to maintain charge and be locked into my corners.
For QCF characters, either doesn’t really matter. But I do prefer square, forces my joystick movements to be smaller.


ooooh, i like the idea of smaller motions for my QCF’s


Here and there I see people extolling the virtues of octo-gates, but for every person who loves them there’s somebody else saying it’s not needed. I will say that I suck at doing double 360 motions on a square gate, but I haven’t used any other so I can’t even blame it on the gate. I’d say go with square just because it’s the standard but that’s just how I think.


Square is like a Porsche 911, once you get used to the intricacies, it’s a better all rounder.


Square is best because SCIENCE.


I heard octagons are blessed by Jesus though.


I have no problems playing on square or octo gates. I haven’t tried circle gate yet.
It all depends on which stick I am using.


If you ask me it all boils down to personal comfort, personal performance and preference.


It can also be influenced by manufacturer as I vastly prefer Seimitsus Octo-gate for the LS-33/55/56 line of sticks to the Sanwa JLF Octo-gate.


I agree with the science and give the square gate its due. However I still prefer octo-gate. I think a little cause I main Zangief. But mainly cause I didn’t grow up on Japanese parts. I also prefer the octo-gate however over the round gate. It imo is a great hybrid between the two. However as much as I love octo-gates, I do see the benefits of a square gate and am working on making the swap. Once I get my Zangief at the level I want I’m going to learn Balrog and that will help give me more time with a square gate and help me see the benefits more. I am also enjoying my round gate a shit load when playing MK9, so really imo it depends on the games you are playing. I think all 3 have their high points and should be part of your collection. = ]

That’s just rumor. He did however build the first one. Fact.


Agreed, square is best imo. Works at least good for everything, and is the reason Sanwa has it stock on its coveted JLF stick.

Anyone who has trouble doing 360 motions on square, is simply riding the gate far too much. In which case they likely have other execution problems also, regardless of the gate used, and thus can’t be blamed just on square.


I have difficulty blocking on octagon. corners and sides feel distinctly different on square. On octogon every direction feels the same.


It’s all preferences. On JLF and stock Namco stick I prefer square gate. On Seimitsu LS-56 I prefer the Octo gate. LS-32/40 prefer square gate.
Depending on my mood I’ll use different stick when I play.


You’ll get used to whichever you decide to play with.

It’s probably better to get used to square gates so you can borrow sticks or play on japanese cabinets comfortably. If these situations never arise for you then it barely matters at all.


“Which gate is harder?” Wrought iron.

On a more serious note, my octo-gate cured me of my heroine addiction and is made from tears of angels. That whole “god blessed…” thing is purely rumor and speculation.

As for a serious serious note- I prefer an octo for the stops at up down left and right. With a square, i have a hard time nailing the directions which throws certain setups (superjumping in MvC2, for instance) into a tougher category. However, everyone has their own preference. I have not tried a circle gate yet, but i do prefer octo to square.

The nice thing about gates They’re cheap to buy and hella easy to swap. So get one of each. Square comes with most sticks, and octos/circles are $5 each.


octo is not reliable enough on blocking. Many times when using octo I’m wondering why I’m crouching and getting hit instead of crouching blocking. Maybe this is because I’m use to square gate but still I think blocking is not strong enough on octo.

For other games which use a button press for block then it’s probably decent.


well clearly square is the way to go, thanx guys.

science made me laugh.


In the end, this is true. However, as the above slagcoin illustration points out, there are advantages to square gates. I wonder what a squared off IL/Happ/Wico Competition stick would be like.


switching to an octo improved how my moves were coming out at least 2X better than I was doing with a square. no problems blocking either.