Which gate restrictor do you use?



This thread isn’t to discuss which restrictor is better. I just want to see what the people in the Dudley community use :smiley: I personally use an 8-gate and I can’t seem to go back to playing on a 4-gate



I prefer a circle gate…


xbox 360 controller analog stick.


dpad is superior to analog


opinions opinions


The dpad? I find that thing to be terrible, you press right and it goes downright/upright. Using a stock Madcatz TE here, so I guess 4-gate.


Used all four mentioned. Each are good in their own way. Currently using square gate.


I’m octo all day. That lil square trap is about a bitch.


whined at square gate when I started using a stick, used to it now and its fine


I used a square gate for a long time. After recently getting an 8 way, I found doing the half circle motions is much smoother as you can ride the edge of the gate a lot quicker. 4 way can give you much more discipline and accuracy in your muscle memory but 8 gate is just too easy to use to pass up. In fairness, 8 way gates only really become useful for me when you do 360s, and as Dudley has no 360 moves, it’s up to preference. I prefer 8 way.


I never thought about changing my sticks to octo, never had any problem with it, and I ended up getting used to it.


I started with square, then I tried octo, then I tried circle. I like circle a lot, but i really hate it for doing DP (I get a lot of random supers). I even used hitbox for a while, which I still like a lot, but doing half circles is not as easy (I still like to use it when I play Seth because he has too many overlapping moves and I’m still a bit sloppy with the arcade stick). I ended up going back to the square gate and now that I’ve gotten used to it, I have to say that I think it’s the best.


4 gate or Xbox controller analog.

8 gate makes my inputs too sloppy.


I use a 4-gate, but I have always thought about getting an octo in the hopes that it would make my half-circles smoother.




madcatz pad or xbox pad. I suck on arcade stick…but i may try 8 way gate again.


its all “8 way”, SF4 cant be played with 4 way restrictors …
Depends on the stick I play square gate with sanwa or circle gate with square actuator with IL competition :stuck_out_tongue: (like that stick, playing it with sanwa buttons :smiley: , cause IL buttons suck for me).


I use a square gate, and get by just fine. I would like to try out an octo gate for Dudley, but have never gotten around to it.


Use square gate, It allows for the widest range of inputs of any gate type. Get used to it and you’ll be able to play using any gate then.


dont be cool be square, it feels most like in the arcades where I started playing :slight_smile: