Which Gen is more Powerful/Better: SSF4AE and SFA3?

I was playin sfa3 on ggpo and was playin Gen, in my opinion it seems like sfa3 Gen is more powerful but AE gen is more agile.

in my opinion, Gen is very different in the two games… probably A3 one is more powerful

Gen is undoubtably much better in SFA3 compared to his AE Ver. 2012 counterpart. His SFA3 counterpart is better because -

  1. Tons and tons of chain combos
  2. Stance Switch was one frame
  3. All versions of Jyasen have projectile invincibility
  4. Gekiro much safer
  5. Oga much safer
  6. Shitenketsu much more practical (because it drains actual health and once timer reached zero would cause stun)
  7. Able to use all 4 Ultras during the course of a match

There’s more, but I can’t think of anything else atm. His SFA3 incarnation is his best appearance ever. He has the potential to be a high tier character and is really threatening under the control of a skilled player.

Ver. 2012 Gen on the other hand, is not what you would call a " strong " or " powerful " character, but he’s definitely not weak either, far from it. It’s clear that Capcom made alot of effort to make Gen EXTREMELY well - balanced in this game. They we’re trying really hard to be careful with what they did with Gen this time around. Gen is not at the status he was in SFA3, but he’s definitely a very threatening character and is definitely viable at high level play. He doesn’t have the potential to be placed above Mid-high tier, but he’s extremely solid to the max.

Well gen has inviincibilty on both zanei and jyakoha, his links are gatlike. Hands is more uselful due to fadc and other stuff.