Which GG are we having in EVO?

I dunno, but it seems like no one is answering this question and I’m really dying to know, since it seems like it’s gonna be console, are we going to use X2 (and not XX) or are we going to use #reload?? I’m just curious since everyone knows there’s a huge difference with X2 and XX versions (the Japanese is a little slower), and #reload is far better than the two. Please I need a confirmation.


Please to GOD let it be XX. I have never played #R and have heard that it is pretty different than the XX version. I just hope it’s XX cause that’s the only thing I have been practicing on. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

They said that unless a US version of #reload comes out, they’re gonna use XX.

Well, let’s hope the xbox version makes it out in time, then. #R is so much better.


…I wish…

i hope its not reload because if its not i will definately wipe out any sol players in the world but it is i might not and so will the rest of my crew CHC that shit!!! (charles house crew)= sanford, solidac, me, charles, dorian, and matt.

Come again?? :). Just a question cause if Daigo’s there, MIU or ID, you might change your mind with that response :).

And kaiyin—YES if it’s on Arcade, #reload if it’s on console, seriously.


First, spell the name right. :stuck_out_tongue:

And dude, glad someone agrees with me that GGXX should be Japanese/Arcade. I can play on US GGXX, though. :smiley: