Which graphics card should i choose?


i planning to purchace a new graphics card to play sf4 online…
so which card should i choose to play sf4 at full high detail…

my pc spec below:
Intel Core2Duo E8300 2.83GHz
4GB RAM / XP Pro or Vista Business
using a 20" LCD Running on 1680x1050

ATI 4850 is good enuff to play on full throtle ??? or i need higher 4870 or 4890 ??

ur opinion pls !!


4850 is more than capable.


This is a good little source to go by. But yeah, for the most part you shouldn’t need that much at all to run SF4.


Does anyone know if ATi/AMD improved their drivers? I remember using the very first radeon card… and few generations after up til Radeon 9600 (all AGP cards). The problem with the driver is that during the games - it feels like the screen would split horizontally as if you had no VSYNC - happens even when you turn on VSYNC feature on ATi video card. It used to be horrible and then after 3-4 radeon cards, I stopped using ATi cards (I’ve bought nVidia cards in conjunection with ATi in the past).

Can anyone tell me if it is now different? I’ve always gone with nVidia because their golden standard is their drivers although the reviews always say ATi has better bang for the buck.


I have a ATI 4850. I have no complaints, its worked consistently since I’ve had it and from the benchmark (Since I havent bought SF4 for PC yet) it would run it perfectly on high settings. Just make sure that your PSU has a connector for it or if it doesnt you have 2 free molex connectors (I got an adapter with it that plugs into the card, then into 2 molex).

EDIT: Just found my benchmark results.



I have never noticed that.

ATI based video-cards I had:

  • ATI Mach 64
  • Hercules Radeon 9700 Pro
  • Hercules Radeon 9800 Pro
  • Club 3D Radeon 9250

Current video-card:

  • Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 Vapor-X
    When I turn off V-SYNC in Street Fighter IV PC I randomly see translucent distorting lines through the screen.


ATI Radeon HD 4850 is good enough.
If you do not like loud noises opt for one with a more silent cooling system on it.
The reference cooling system is very loud.


I have never had any problems with ATI either.


Just FYI, I was also looking to purchase a 4850, but ATI’s releasing their new cards on 9/22 (I believe?), so the price for the 4850 and the rest of their current lineup should drop.


I advise you to go for GTX 1050 Ti as it capable of running latest games on high graphics settings at 1080p and is pretty affordable. You can also check out some good graphics cards under 100 dollars if you are on tight budget.


I second the 1050 ti, but I would say buy the most expensive 10xx series Nvidia card that is at LEAST a 1050 ti that you can afford.
In the computer world the way to make an upgrade more expensive is to have to regularly update