Which guile is better

SSF2T or SF2Turbo ?

WW Guile is king.

yeah I don’t think his jabs make him that good

WW Guile is the most broken version of Guile around, and it’s not just because of his jabs, lol.

Isn’t Guile the same in EVERY game he’s been in? Save the Marvel vs. games? Runs away before Guile fans arrive

I’ll let you answer that. Can you do an 8 hit combo with CvS2 Guile doing only standing jab?

SSF2T Guile’s awesome version.No doubt

Yeah,Guile WW is unbalanced choice.

No way man…Guile change EVERY version SF2 (In the other games TOO).

But my favorite version SF2:TE He is unbeliavable.

Cauptain :tup: