Which guilty gear should i get?

Yes. A lot of people refuse to play it online it’s so bad. It’s bad, but it could be worse.

You have to be kidding me. 99.9% of GG players exist solely in japan. Who play on cabinets. I should think T5 and SC2 (back when people were playing it) would have way more pad players than any 2d fighter.

But whatever, it’s just nuances. I just have trouble with GG on pad (but for some reason I can do sf2, KOF, and 3D on pad no problem).

What about X2 Slash? My PS2 can run Jap games and I hear it’ll be out this year.
So should I get Reloaded or Slash?

Just in case nobodys mentioned it yet, you should get #R.

i heard there isnt going to be a PS2 release for Slash except for Japan:sad:

I know, and if u read my post I said ‘My PS2 can run Jap games’.

C’mon man, can’t you just stop and read some of the posts on this topic? I already said the release date for the game.

And if you need a feel of the GG series, then go ahead and get #R.
Slash is gonna take some time.

I bought the insuka version because I was told tht it had the most latest cast of characters. However I did not find it that great.

my friend has Isuka and i thought it was crap, i had to press L just to turn around:rofl:

Alright. I still have the Sammy “SvC” stick for trade or sale if anybody is interested in that too. All original packaging, keychain, calender, and everything.

<-- getting rid of old gaming stuff I never use anyway