Which Guilty Gear to buy for Serious gaming?

I really want to try out this game but want to play the main version for serious … dont know if Isuka is meant for tournament play?

Guilty Gear XX Slash

others are obsolete

I honestly don’t think that Isuka ever saw serious play. orka is right, Slash is the Guilty Gear game to play right now. Time to get importing.


if you have a littl’ brother or someone who also plays games but not at a competitive level, get isuka. At least that way you get to have more fun when you play 2 vs 1 against the comp. In the mean time you can train up your friend through this and get used to the system (apart from the turn button). And then one day you guys might seriously want to play against each other, THEN, you get slash.

Matter of warning, do not play isuka’s 1 vs 1 mode, or 1p and comp vs 2p and comp. It just sucks balls… stick to 2vs1 against the comp… and NO free for all…

i see… thanx for the replay’s looks like i’ll get both… i’ll get isuka just to try out the 4 player battles

just incase you’re wondering about my claims about isuka…

why some modes suck

a) 1vs1 : crossups are made useless, there is no real corner, you got FD which makes you able to block high and low at the same time therefore fucking up all mix ups.
b) 1p and comp vs 2p and comp: it sucks coz the comp is stupid and just does random stuff, and soon becomes like 1 vs 1 and it just sucks…
c) free for all: it’s TOO RANDOM, with TOO much stuff going on. Your main focus is not to win, but just to stay alive, so you have bastard turtles like testament usually winning, or the stupid volcanic viper spammer sol owning everyone. Though at least free for all is hilarious…

why some modes rock

a) 2 vs 2: team play. Now it’s not about team combos this mode, but serious TEAM PLAY. You look out for each other, you help each other’s back out. And then you catch one of them off guard and then your team member offers the finishing blow. And what is betta than talking shit to your opposing team when you and your mate owned them.
b) 2 vs 1: this is about team combos. Get as imaginative as you want. What is there to offer for the lone ranger? well you get to experience the beauty of real life 1 vs 2. You won['t do long combos, but you can use a few mind games to screw them up one by one. Hit one, back attack the other, change lanes and make them hit themselves with super. Fantastic if you beat them, and laugh at your mates when they lose to you… (and they’ll get angry, and the fun continues)
c) 3 vs 1: about the same as 2 vs 1, but just a lot more challenging for the one player. Nice to play against noobs and have very good fun. My friends like to think of it as “BOSS MODE!”, especially if you use slayer or sol.

Boost mode is fun, but not as great as the 2v2, 2vs1, or 3vs1… anyway that’s all i have to say about isuka… ^o^

Get Slash.

How is Slash superior to Reloaded? I remember some GG fans didn’t like some of the stuff in Slash.

Indeed. Eddie players didn’t like Eddie being toned down, Sol players didn’t like Sol without Dust Loop, Robo-Ky players didn’t like Robo-Ky being toned down, etc.

Seriously, the tiers have changed from #R to Slash but overall Slash is a better game.

Is slash only in japanese , if it is will it ever be released here and when?

there are rumors, but nothing is confirmed. mod or swap magic + importing is the only sure way for now.

Oddly enough, Sol’s actually better in Slash even without dust loop. Japan considers him top tier IIRC, which he definitely was not in #r.

But yeah, it’s mostly the Eddie players that bitch. Robo & Dizzy to a lesser extent because not many people play them in the US.

being a dizzy player, i could see why she got toned down… although i still don’t necessarily agree with some of the changes. still, she is not unplayable by any means. far from it. you definitely see fewer japanese vids with dizzy, and some of the top players from #r era (i.e. makoto, soukenbi) aren’t considered as great threats anymore.

but nobody in slash is unplayable. even robo-ky.

i think it can be agreed that most gg players are quite happy about the character balance in slash. except some people gripe about the fact that arguably the two easiest characters to pick up in the game are now top tier.

Dizzy got robbed, they keep tonning her down that she does not have anything useful anymore!

That Bitch Needed A Tone Down!!

she didn’t really get “robbed” per se. and for the record, she was considered much better in #r than xx.

the two biggest changes that has affected her in slash is that she can no longer gatling her 2d into specials, and property changes for hanashi aite (a.k.a fish). at first, all dizzy players were really irritated by this but learned to adjust and move on. what i still can’t personally agree with is that now she has the fourth weakest defense rating in the game, and her overall damage output got significantly nerfed due to factors such as 85% forced prorate on ice spike (why??), 50% prorate on air throw (why??), weaker ground throw (why??), 90% prorate on j.p, on top of no longer being able to cancel 2d into ice spike. in #r she had one of the best damage outputs in the game. now she is barely average.

but we all gotta move on, and in actuality dizzy still wins matches. arcadia initially put her in the bottom tier, but she moved up in the last rankings for that very reason. and even in the u.s., look at alex g. he’s been kicking ass with dizzy all year long.

and to be honest, i actually don’t think i would want to go back to #r dizzy after getting used to her in slash. there are new aspects of her game that is very enjoyable, like the spear being chargeable, s bubble, and faster air dash. there’s also the parabolic scythe, but i personally think that’s a shitty gimmick (although many dizzy players would disagree with me).

slash is the only game you’ll ever need… other than crack… but yeah.

Has Slash been released stateside? If not, are we ever getting a domestic release?


I’ve heard something about a PSP release but I’m not sure.