Which Guilty gears should I get?


I want to get 100% of the story… So… I should get original Guilty Gear, Guilty Gear X and… should I get both Guilty Gear XX vanilla and Guilty Gear XX Reload? As in : I know Reload is a better version of vanilla in terms of gameplay but what about the story?
I know that Accent Core isn’t worth getting since AC+ is a better version of it that actually has a story mode (Which is a sequel to GGXX if I understand correctly)

So… I’ll get for sure:
Guilty Gear
Guilty Gear X
Guilty Gear XX #Reload
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
Guilty Gear Isuka

I won’t get:
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core vanilla

And I’m unsure if I should get, or not get:
Guilty Gear XX vanilla.

Thanks! :wgrin:


Story, eh?
Then i suppose the original, X, XXR, XXAC+ and GG2 is the proper order,
there is also a Japan only release of X that has a proper story mode.


Not trying to be rude, but I don’t think this topic warranted a thread here, especially since you just want to play GG for the story. You’re better off asking someone on GameFAQs or something.


Don’t get Isuka. It is horrible, the only good thing that game brought us is A.B.A. It isn’t even a fighting game.

Accent Core doesn’t really have much of a story, but is the tournament standard.
If you are looking for the story, just get them all, but don’t come crying to us when the story doesn’t make sense.


So there is no use in getting the vanilla XX?

Lol I’m not going to play GG for the story, I’m highly interested in playing versus, it’s just that unlike some other fighters, GG and BB seem to have cool stories.

I actually like beat em ups if you’re implying that, and 4 player seems like it could be fun… And I actually want to get them all but I’m wondering if XX and XX #Reloaded have the same story mode or not :smiley: if they do, I’ll only get #Reload… And fyi I love confusing and deep stories xD


Confusing does not mean deep. You don’t know what deep is.

That said, you also are going to need to get external things for the story. Not all of the GG storyline is in the games.


A new thread for question that has come up a bazillion times? really? God. Whatever happened to lurking when you’re new to a forum?

checks profile 2008… How the hell have you not seen this thread come by a bazillion times already while you were lurking?


I reccomend you check out dustloop forum for GG series, but to answer your question.

Personally I would say Isuka because it a different experience unlike the others and most likely be the only entry of its kind. Its not considered to be competitive but it can offer other fun experiences, especially the beat-em up mode and team vs mode.


Since I haven’t lurked here in a whiiiiile.
My question’s still left unanswered - do GG XX and GG XX#R have different story modes or not?
EDIT: Nvm, Dustloop already answered, I won’t get GGXX vanilla and accent core vanilla


i recommend only getting GG:XX AC Plus for Wii or PS2


Not much of a story mode, or any in Isuka if I remember, just some purty pictures.

Also, if you end up getting GG1, have fun with that one, AI is broke as shit.


close this thread


get AC+.