Which has better graphics: Comparing Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat


I just wanted to hear what you guys have to say when it comes to whether Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat has better graphics.

Mortal Kombat’s graphics:

Street Fighter’s graphics:

So, which one has better graphics?


2d sf

3d MK


Yo, you got another FG question you want to ask? Well, if you do, ask it here instead:

This type of discussion isn’t thread worthy since we want to avoid having Vs. threads here.


MK Ecks seems to have better graphics than Ultra SF4


Um… you do realize you’re comparing a seven year old game with a game that has been in development for maybe two or three years right?


Also lets add GGXrd and KI3 as well…


This is a pointless discussion that doesn’t need its own thread. Closing thread. Move this kind of thing to the FGD Lounge if you need to.

edit: This is the fourth straight low quality thread that OP has started without ever posting further in it. Banning him from making threads for 8 weeks. Be part of the community. :tup: