Which HORI?

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I assume you want a stick for PS3? In that case you can forget about the FS2, since you don’t want to use an adapter. The T5DR machines come with a Sanwa JLF, which is what is in the HRAP3. The FS3 has a cheap clone of that same Sanwa, meaning it is worse than something you already said you don’t like.

If you don’t like the Sanwa in the T5DR cabs then you’re other choice is Seimitsu since you want a Japanese stick. There are no PS3 sticks that come stock with a Seimitsu so you will have to mod. In that case HRAP3 is probably your best bet. Maybe take a look at the VSHG as well (also uses Sanwa JLF).

Edit : Nevermind VSHG is out of stock.

Oh hey, thanks for your reply. I actually found a link with the differences and all but still thanks for the information about which stick the T5 cabinet has!