Which i7 notebook? Sony or Asus?

Both use the same Intel Core i7-720QM(1.6GHz)

Sony Vaio
4GB DDR3 1333
Geforce GT 330M 1GB


ASUS G Series G51JX-X1
4GB DDR3 1066
Geforce GTS 360M 1GB GDDR5

It’s for my girlfriend to play wow and sims3. Possibly overkill, but I’d rather get her too much computer than too little. The 360M graphics card would appear to be better by 30 whole M’s which I assume is a totally legitimate measure of something. Seriously though, according to notebookcheck, the 360M is a high end card, but the 330 is midrange… Has anyone used either GPU before? Is the 330 going to be good enough for her to run mobs or raids or whatever it is you do in WOW that is the most graphically demanding?

Finally, do you know of anything better than either machine that I can get for ~1300 bucks after tax?

Are you paying for it?

I can tell you the 330M is pretty garbage, WoW will pretty much run on anything either of those notebooks would work. The Sims 3 can also run on both, but I’m not sure how pretty it’ll look.

the GTS 360M would do a lot better for WoW than the 330 but I’ve read the G51 runs extremely hot, to the point it can be uncomfortable to use, and you could never have it sitting on your lap, bed, anything but a desk basically, while gaming. The Vaio looks better and runs cooler… but the 330 GT is not really up to snuff especially if you want to play at the screen’s native resolution

No, I’ll be stealing it.

I was worried about that. The G51 running hot worries me for the longevity of the thing. The 330 being weak is just unacceptable. While I’m buying it for her to play wow on, I do expect to at least be able to play some modern games on it as well. Also, I don’t want something thats going to bog down just because there is a lot of characters on screen at once in wow…


I know this is an i5, but it doesn’t sound like you really need an i7. The MSI will run cooler than the asus, they generally have better battery life, has an awesome DX11 video card, and costs the same.

I recommend that one.

Wow just going off the specs that one is a solid bet… very nice. The 5850 is better than the 360 and Radeons run cooler and quieter too. The display is also better suited for a gaming laptop… mobile graphic cards can’t really handle full 1080 very gracefully. 1680x1050 still looks great on a screen that size and you will get much better frame rates.

I want one for myself :lol: I’ve been searching like a laptop for this for awhile now.

Yeah, that GPU is about on par with the desktop 5750 and 5770 (or a 4870). You really are getting a lot of laptop in smaller packages nowadays.

Id get asus n61 series, they have a new one for around 1k with a radeon 5730 HD which is much better then 330m. It also has usb 3.0 port and a i7 processor, for 1k its a good deal. The only problem is the screens resolution sucks but the performance makes up for that or you could always plug it to an external monitor.