Which is best, 360 or PS3 for playing fighting games online?


I own both systems like many of you do. I however choose to play most of my games online for PS3 because it’s free. I haven’t really heard anything, but I would expect the 360 to play better than the PS3 for online fighting games because you have to pay to play. Is this true? I’d like to hear your opinon for those of you with both systems. If the 360 has less lag and I know this is totally dependent on a lot of things that we have no control over. I’d consider getting rid of my PS3 fighters and switching over to strictly 360. What say you?

And yes I did do a search and no I didn’t see a thread like this. I’m sure there is a lot of random talk about it, but I’m not going to sift through a shit load of threads just to find one or two post about the subject.



That’s kinda expensive to switch over, eh? I just read that online works better on the 360. But really, you really should use the system that has the most friends that will play with you. That’s just the way I see it when it comes to fighters.


well i own both systems the only difference i notice is that on 360 theres more ppl. other then that i dont notice a big difference. and i have a 16 mb cable connection. so lag isnt the issue its more on how ppl is playing. in the end i sill choose ps3 over my 360.


Depends on the game, honestly.

Xbox 360 for most games, but the PS3 has a couple games (KOFXII, in particular) to hold over the 360.


The one your friends have.


Yeah, I figured as much. Most of my friends own a PS3. I however would like to play the system with less lag since I don’t have the opportunity to play offline that much. Playing online really brings your game down when your trying to adjust to lag. I find myself missing a lot of combos and stuff in some fighters because of lag and I feel like I can’t play to the best of my ability. Oh well, I guess I could always go back to GGPO.



In all honestly, the only time I’ve really noticed a game being better on 360 was STHD. I first got it on PS3 but ended up getting it for 360 and it played like a dream…for like a week.

MvC2, Soul Calibur 4, SF IV all have generally felt the same. You go through the same typical crap, except I have to pay for Live, which is a little disappointing considering I honestly cannot tell a damn difference for the most part between the two services.

Go with what a majority of your friends play.


In my experience, I really haven’t experienced much difference between the two consoles when it comes to the actual online play. I have SFIV and BlazBlue for both the 360 and PS3, and honestly, the online play for each game has been pretty much the same on each system. In SFIV, I get my share of good and bad matches on both consoles, and with BB, the matches have been great on both systems.

Xbox Live has a few more features, but when it comes to actual online play, I haven’t really seen a big difference. My advice, just get the games/systems that the majority of your friends are on.


Wow, I find this news kind of disappointing. Especially for those of you that only own the 360. I’d take it as an insult and a double whammy. Then again, fighters weren’t really meant to be played online like all the other online games where critical timing isn’t a factor. Most times you don’t notice lag in an RTS game, but with fighting games, every frame and second is critical to execution.