Which is better, Hori EX or SF IV Se that works right?


I got the SE but the buttons are feeling king of loose. IS the ex a better stick? I want a TE but those are improssible to come bye and then even in april there may not be enough


Does the ex have turbos?


you know you can edit your post instead of double posting and no i dont think the hrap ex has turbo but im not to sure


no turbo on an EX and the stock buttons are not better than the SE ones …


I would like to know too which one is better.

The SE or TE are not available here / sold out. I Preordered an SE (have to wait at least a week).
The EX2 is about 10 euro cheaper and is easy to get.

How good is a modded EX2?

I really need a stick :crybaby:


yeah, so what’s better, Mad Catz or Hori?


do yourself a favour and wait the week

what for madcats/hori ?
if you want to know something about the ex2 … crap
ex is better than the se for me … its bigger and have more weight but i dont like the not common ground board on the ex and the start/select on the front.
i think the te is better than the ex but not that much.


The SE is much easier to mod than the EX, if you’ve already got an SE but just aren’t happy with the buttons just pick up a set of Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons and swap them out. It’s a 10 minute job if you’ve never even seen the inside of a joystick.


SE is better than a ex2 by like 1000x


yeah its much better but not that extreme … maybe just 999x :rofl:


Lusche, thanks for answer my question. I’m looking to buy my first joystick, and I want to ask all of you a newbie question. Why don’t people just buy custom sticks rather than buying generic ones than modding them. It seems to me they are similar in price…


Modding a premade stick is usually somewhat cheaper, unless you go way over the top on what you’re doing to it. For example, a Madcatz SE runs around $80, new sanwa buttons are around $3 each ($24) and a new joystick is around $25, so for around $130 plus various tax or shipping you have an excellent joystick. A similar custom stick seems to start at $175, and they can go up quite a bit from there. Add in a 3 week to 2 month wait time from most custom stick builders, versus a week shipping on parts, and you can see why quite a few people mod instead of get a custom.

Personally, my main stick is a beat-up Dreamcast Agetec stick. It was about average to mod, though quite a bit more involved than the SE, but the only reason I went with it is I picked it up for amazingly cheap at a yard sale, and for around $75 I’ve had a very reliable stick. I’m sure there are several others around here that are in the same boat.


modding a stick is defenitely cheaper … if i want my dream of a custom stick from like AIAB i would have to pay at least 300$ and wait at least 2months maybe 3 … if i mod a TE it will only costs at most 200$ or 160-170$ for the SE for 360/PS3/DC/PSX/XBOX use and full Sanwa on the SE
the reason i havent bought a EX yet is i dont like the non comman ground board so modding it for other systems is nearly impossible.

i dont know how much the EX2 costs for you but if you can get one for 30$ it would be a good deal an lessen the pain for waiting for another stick … i have to pay at least 100$ for the EX2 which isnt worth it ! It will do just fine for beginners … bought a FS3 (EX2 for PS3) and its just ok but not more than ok … its not good but better than a shitty pad !


so is it worth modding my xarcade or just buy an SE?


if you like the american button layout and want to use happ parts mod the xarcade …


Well, the X-Arcade can only easily be modded with American parts, it’s a MAJOR effort to use Japanese parts… If you prefer American parts, basically just higher quality of what’s in your stick already, then modding it would be the best way to go. A new pcb you can get for $25 or less, depending on your luck with finding controllers to gut, and the American parts are even cheaper than the Japanese.

If you want Sanwa or Seimitsu parts, you’re better off buying an SE to mod. Fitting them into an X-Arcade isn’t something I’d suggest attempting for your first mod.