Which is better? (Not a pick my character thread)

I’ve been playing Oni since the beginning on AE and right now I’m still trash with him. So I’ve come to a middle ground on what I should do. Should I go online and face all of the people in the world or should I spend a large amount of time in training mode? After seeing that desk combo video and comparing my Oni to his I’ve noticed he’s been prospering with training mode. So which on do you guys feel like is better for me. I mean I live in GA ,but I’m not going to goto those places and get humiliated just to learn. What would Daigo do?

he would play, take his losses, and learn from them. you should still hit training mode for a bit each day to work on whatever youre lacking tho

Thanks dude.

I don’t really follow Desk, but from what I know, he just makes combo videos. I’m not saying he is a bad player or anything, I just havent seen him actually play butI’m sure that’s not what he is known for.
Anyways, to keep it simple training mode is only for practicing combos, setups, remodeling certain situations and learning how to counter them, etc. Playing an actual match is a completely different experience than training mode. What i think would be best, is to just jump in and play online, find out what your mistakes are, and practice them in training mode (execution, matchup knowledge, setups, etc). There are somethings that training mode wont provide you with and that is often the mental condition you are in when playing a match. You have to be aware that you are playing another human being and not a CPU or training dummy. They are going to have their own way of approaching the game and it is up to you to adapt yourself accordingly. There are a lot of other mental aspects of fighting games as well that you will need to develop over time by actually playing; it’s not something you can get in training mode.
All in all, it’s about finding your mistakes (whether you or someone else notices them) and fixing them.

imo, this is poor mentality. You have to lose in order to find holes in your game. What better way to do it than to go to offline casuals to ask for critique?
Other than your ego getting put on blast, what is there to lose? The community is open to help people who genuinely want to get better, not those who are uptight about a win/loss ratio. We also don’t care what Daigo would do. You are playing. Not Daigo. You will never be Daigo, you will never be (insert named player here)… you are yourself. You always have the potential to get better.

If there’s a scene nearby, I’d suggest going to that regularly to avoid developing online habits in the lag environment. If not, online play can be used to learn matchups; use online outlets here to find those SRKers.
Training mode is a must… but keep it simple - learn your normals, BnBs, punishes, FADC combos… and get your execution down 95-100%. You don’t want to be dropping combos. But combos are not the end of the world. You need to learn your resets, mixups, spacing, baiting, etc. to keep the situations to your advantage.

What use is a 100% combo if you cannot land it realistically? None. Some of Desk’s combos are so high execution and not enough reward compared to your average BnB that they’re not worth going for because you can drop it. Looks flashy, but you can spend time perfecting the combo that does maybe 30 less damage and hit it 100%. What i’m getting at is that he may be an execution master, but execution is only part of the game. If you can’t close the gap and apply the pressure, your combo memory essential means nothing.

Hope this rant helps and you didn’t TLDR.

I read it thanks.

It’s better to know how to spell a word instead of just reciting the alphabet. The same goes with combos, gotta land it first.

If you don’t get blown up a few times then you aren’t playing people who can help you get better!

I don’t spend a ton of time in training mode. T. Hawk has few combos to learn and a lot of what you can learn with him is beat done in casual fights (I have been spending time with Ryu in there however). But how I see it is that you should use training mode at first to get a feel for your character. Then move into some casual fights. I prefer to do so against a friend or someone you know around your level. That step is mainly for getting used to your character in a real fight, and to allow you to experiment as needed. Then you should start taking on competition.

Here’s the thing, though. You have a scene near you? There’s no good reason not to show up. Unless your scene is filled with jerks, SOMEBODY will likely be willing to help you out. I would kill for a scene around here, because I am the scene around here. If you have the resources available to play with other people and to learn from those who are better than you, don’t hesitate to take it. If they’re whipping you, just ask for tips. If you resort to playing online and you’re getting blown up constantly, its going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to be able to sit back and think “what did I do wrong?” Trust me, I’d been through that a lot. I’m sure you’ll still get frustrated when someone beats the living hell out of you in person, but at least you’d be more likely to get some knowledge out of it.